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for A Drop of Poison

10/26/2008 c4 4Faia Sakura
Yay, another chapter! I love this fic! It is totally awesome the way Naruto uses the clones.

"The bearer of this document is acting with my full will and backing. All demands made

by the bearer are to be considered as coming from me, Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi.

All information, discussions and relevant documents are to be ranked as an S-rank

secret, with appropriate security bindings. Any information revealed is to be treated

as an act of treason and to be punished with the capital penalty.

So decreed,

Honorable Sandaime Hokage,

Sarutobi Hiruzen"

That is AMAZING!

Faia Sakura
10/23/2008 c3 Bluesnowman
Awesome story so far please update soon.
10/22/2008 c1 8Nenagh24
I love your new use for an old idea! =D The fact that he is being forced to go through school is rather amusing!

10/21/2008 c3 1Aikori Shukrai
This story is really cool. I agree with you about Naruto's henge. I look forward to reading more of this story.
10/20/2008 c3 drake999
great story so far...lol, love the masses of clones...but isn't he going to have multiple personalities?

anyways, update soon, cool idea.
10/20/2008 c3 GunSmoke2
Great story, can't wait for the next chapters.
10/12/2008 c3 1SakuraCa
I love this story and I've never read about Naruto failing, it somehow didn't come to my mind but it sure seems to be interesting. The way how you handled the Forbidden Scroll and how Naruto is going to get more infromation was simply genius. Since things are now so vastly different from the canon,I guess we (the readers) will see a lot of butterfly effect?

Thank you for the story
10/12/2008 c3 ariel stormcloud
great story
10/11/2008 c1 greenmean
Nice fic.
10/11/2008 c3 17TD Master
Good stuff.

Except, Naruto's henge is not different. EVERY henge is like Naruto's. After all, if Naruto's was different, Sasuke would be surprised he was holding an actual shuriken, and not a Naruto with a shuriken illusion around him.
10/11/2008 c3 Zoroz
awesome fic, more please :)
10/10/2008 c3 covered in blood'n gore
The pace of the story is a bit fast, but understandable when trying to get to the cool bits.

Its going to be difficult to keeping writing believable in universe the way you plan to and I hope you keep up the awesome.
10/10/2008 c3 1Steven Kodaly
Infiltrator!Naruto looks to be very promising; perhaps he _should_ bring Old Man Hokage in on this scheme of his. Naruto could argue that this can serve as a test of the various academy instructors and their ability to discern infiltrators and spies.
10/10/2008 c3 Jadedmagus
Very interested to see where you will go with this. While one could say that it is filled with clichés, the truth is the good presentation and novel combinations of said clichés make this story far above average.

Besides, if you look at you see that 'it has all been done before' and the real value is in the variations and quality of presentation. Both of which you have plenty of.
10/10/2008 c3 Arkeus
is it too late for naruto to pass?

I mean, iruka saw how advanced naruto was...
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