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1/23/2016 c1 23MadamScorpio
It was funny lol!
8/31/2009 c1 Crazy With Happiness
LMAO! this was freaking hilarious :]
1/6/2009 c1 twilightedthenanimeted
great story yeah i wuld feel bad for kagome if she was real. ahwell great job though.LOLZ I give u A++
12/7/2008 c1 22oxsugarxcoatedxo
ahaha i loved it

i would always wonder about the same thing

cause you know she is bleeding and knowing inuyasha he would run at full speed,chopping down tress,and knocking down anyone in his way to get to her xD

poor Kagome lol
11/12/2008 c1 Precious5881
lol... actually thats.. perfect...
10/7/2008 c1 3Deathmvp
This was a intresting story. While I do not think it would have happend like that it was still intresting. The reason I think it would have happend diffrently is becouse his sense of smell is so strong. He would have been more use to it then that.
10/6/2008 c1 5Inuyasha4ever1
10/4/2008 c1 chibi-ninja-chan
thats funny! i ♥ it!
10/3/2008 c1 1adeaneri
very fun to read.
10/3/2008 c1 6Bokreeder
Good story I always wondered that also but I just figured that InuYasha's mom had told him about it when he was young because she has it to and he probbly was worrying out of his mind when he smelled the blood of the only one that ecepted him as he was.(before he met Kikyo that is.)

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