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5/7/2013 c8 2Mediatorlover2013
Awwww NOOO! It stops there darn. Well im gonna have to wait :( I hope u update soon plz. And when i say soon i mean like in 1 month not FIVE OR SEVEN months like others. I had to wait an entire year for 1 chapter once u know? Anyway that doesnt matter but this is really really good so far but in the future if there is more Paul loving Suze would be good. Cant wait for an update ;)
4/2/2012 c8 Finnelia
Hi! I personally think that you shouldn't write the whole explanation of Jesse coming back to life. But can you please update? I don't want to sound pushy, or anything, but I really like this story, as there aren't many Gina stories. Please and Thank you!
6/2/2011 c8 AshesAshesLuna
Wow. I love this story. Continue pleasee!



10/21/2010 c8 Pre
THIS IS AMAZING! I reeealllly like it! Plus, I think that you should cut it short so we can get to the OTHER stuff sooner ;) :)
10/17/2010 c8 294Gabriella Somerfield
love it
9/10/2010 c8 kimmi0490
great story, can't wait for your next chapter. =D
8/25/2010 c8 12Miami Blackheart
Oooh... Interesting turn of events. I wonder what'll be their reaction to Jesse-being-brought-back-to-life thing? Haha. That's something to look forward to.

Hope you update soon! You write really well. :)

- M.B.
8/23/2010 c8 jediahsokaroxx
Another one of your stories that is awesome! :D Cant wait for the next chapter! :D
7/13/2010 c7 Emily Borgo
heeyy this is excellent please continue i really want to find out what happens
3/7/2009 c7 Tennisgirl411
holy crap this story is amazing!more, more!
12/6/2008 c6 3KatheryneL
Gina is the girls dead best friend isnt she?

I like though!

Gina is a bit too bitchy though!


Keep Writing!
11/16/2008 c6 5RID3RLVR
Yes! Next chapter, I reallyreallyreally hope Gina throws a fit about not knowing! Oh, this is such a fun read!
10/6/2008 c2 6Hot n' Exotic
Wow. Great plot and good writing. There's still space to improve but its better than your other stories. :)

And the part where Suze is so worried about Gina getting her hands on Jesse - hilarious. I mean, how naive can anyone get? Can't she see that both Jesse and Gina love her and will never hurt her?

Crazy Suze. :D

NAd about this new character...I can't guess who she is cuz the only othr girl youi mentioned was Jesse's science partner but she can't be a ghost. So...no idea. :D

But names...yes, I have names galore. :) If she's blonde then Courtney is a good one (I think so). If she's brunette (and old-fashioned) then I like then I like Annabel.

Hehe. Just my impressions. Feel free to choose (or not). :D

Good job.

10/5/2008 c2 5I want to be Jesse's girl
OH! WHo is the ghost? Update soon - interested to know what happens.
10/5/2008 c1 I want to be Jesse's girl
ohh! well this story is in character - love how you said that G pounces once she sees a hot guy coz its true. Anyways do update would love to see where this goes. But please don't pair Jesse with G that would just break my heart. Me like your story very mucho - a bit of Tarzan for you (don't know why but anyways its there). Anyways Ciao
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