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8/7/2012 c1 lemonsimeanfluff
Hah so thats how Billy came up with Dr. Horrible... Aww, all for Penny. :') Great job!
8/20/2010 c1 25Link Fangirl01
Aww, he had such pure intentions! Billy never was /really/ evil though. -huggles her favorite mad scientist- Good oneshot though, I liked it.
2/4/2009 c1 199Red Bess Rackham
Cute. It felt a little too... childish, almost, for Billy, but it wasn't bad. Cute fic. :)

1/13/2009 c1 38OtterPotter
Haha, it made me laugh, very funny and cute.
12/6/2008 c1 13Blood Everlasting
Oh my GAWD! It's so hard to find writer's who don't make characters COMPLETELY OOC and I think you stayed true to Dr. Horrble. THANK YOU! It was cute, funny, and well written. Thank GAWD. Great job. I can totally see that being the true cause of his Evil-ness.

Love and Peace,

Doves and Geese,

11/17/2008 c1 3ember6622
Aw, this was so cute and I was giggling the whole time XD

I would REALY like to see this continued 8D
11/16/2008 c1 58Donteatacowman
Didn't like the bit of cursing, but nice look inside Billy's head. It got a little too rambling by the time Penny was by her boyfriend... A little rambling may put in the Horrible flavor, but you strayed off topic a bit too much.
10/11/2008 c1 8300-chii
really good.. I find myself addicted to Dr. Horrible, and the Billy/Penny ship is just adorable.

10/4/2008 c1 20Rock'n'Slash
YAY! Have a cookie! *cookie* Can this be slash. I sense slashiness. Then again...I always do. :) I still think slash would be awesome! :D Good job!

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