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12/17/2012 c12 bob
you've written this years ago but it is only now I happen to fall on it and...awesome it was
11/25/2012 c12 habjafcvevgbzo
Legolas isn't that young anymore innocent eyes don't work. Family,moment, and Aragorn has a knack for hugging elves (movie verse) I love that family story!
2/13/2009 c12 17Manwathiel Melda
AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. And I agree about Thranduil. That's how I write him too. Nice story. I like the ending.
2/13/2009 c11 Manwathiel Melda
Yay! Happiness! I love it!
2/13/2009 c10 Manwathiel Melda
I was going to comment on the last chapter, but your story was really intense at that point, so I just kept reading. You are an amazing author! I love your stories.
2/13/2009 c5 Manwathiel Melda
Yay! I really want to read more, but I can't right now. I will soon, and I will comment! Your stories are amazing!
2/13/2009 c4 Manwathiel Melda
This was really good, but sad. I liked it a lot!
2/13/2009 c3 Manwathiel Melda
This story is amazing! I love all of Aragorn's children, and I'm wondering what's going on with Legolas.
12/29/2008 c12 6Melissa Barsana
wow the end was really funny! i luved it! and now it's over...:(:(:( oh well, it was bound 2 happen, right?

so anyway, about ur question...viggo (aragorn) had at least 2 broken toes, orlando (do i have 2 tell u who he played?) cracked his rib, and brett beaty (gimli scale double) dislocated his knee. viggo broke 1 of his toes by kicking a helmet REALLY HARD and broke 1 maybe 2 more toes running down a hill, orly cracked his rib when he fell off his horse and brett beaty fel on top of him (i think brett fell on him anyway...oh well) and i don't think they mentioned how brett dislocated his knee...but i could b wrong! i don't remember pter jackson saying how...unless it was when he fell on it wasn't when he fell on orlando bcuz orlando said that 'all the hobbits were jealous of me bcuz i was the first 1 2 get an injury' so...yeah this has gotten really long...but yeah! there's my answer!
12/29/2008 c12 3Nosterineth
Nice ending. I can't wait to read some more stories from you ;)
12/28/2008 c12 DeletedAccount1357559
yep, dramatic=god. As always the mix of serious bits and humour is excellent in this chapter.hjappy new year
12/11/2008 c11 6Melissa Barsana
yes i have and they r ALMOST as good as the movie but njot that im saying that u said that

Legolas says..."How about side-by-side with a friend?"

damn im good!
12/7/2008 c11 12PeppyPower
I think I shall finally give back the favor and review your story which I really like. In this chapter, I especially love the dialogue between Dari and Lasse about killing enemies, foes or whoever. I always have a discussion between our dear Lord Glorfindel and a very young Legolas in mind in which the former Lord of the House of the Golden Flowers tells our beloved young Sinda something sort of: "I do not kill unless I must. And then quickly, with no long drawn out affairs." Ah, I do love said scene in this fic, and you let Lasse act the same way when Dari confronts him, so I must applaud you. Anyway, as I said: I like this story a lot, maybe you could work a little on your descriptions and the typos, but otherwise, it is really entertaining. Please don't see this as a flame (it isn't), I am sure you can even do better because you have talent. And thanks you reviewed my newest fic.
12/7/2008 c11 3Nosterineth
Oh, it wasn't that difficult to guess it was you. Name, favourites, age, location and comments on MCish/LOTRish vids, I didn't need anything more ;)

And very nice chapter, Legolas and Eldarion are finally free, yay!
12/7/2008 c11 DeletedAccount1357559
This chapter's very dramatic, especially when he kills the captain, and Legolas' selfless side comes through!
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