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for Of Vampires and Werewolves

7/8/2019 c3 3CloudCarnivore
This is awesome!
6/17/2019 c1 Myself
I doubt the Doctor would react that way to some human (false) “vampires”. If anything he’d be concerned for some while before realizing that these “vampires” are not actual vampires.
6/5/2013 c1 Guest
i like tenrose, but really. twilight?
12/27/2012 c3 2guardian1moon
I like it! :). One of the best, if not the best crossover i've ever read. Keep up the great work!
9/9/2012 c1 12Warlord-Xana
Vampires actually exist in doctor who verse

According to the Doctor, vampire legends can be found on almost every inhabited planet in the universe. The ubiquity of such stories strongly suggests a basis in fact - and, indeed, such a basis exists.

In the early years of Time Lord society, when even Rassilon was young, multitudes of giant vampires appeared out of nowhere and swarmed all over the universe. These vampires were so strong that one vampire could suck the life out of an entire planet. Determined to rid the universe of this vampire army, the Time Lords hunted them down in a war so long and so bloody that they were sickened of violence forever (Well till... ya know the war with the dalek.) All the giant vampires were destroyed - except for one (The KING vampire to be precised), but he was taken care of by the fourth carnation of the doctor.
7/20/2012 c3 5Murphy AT
You know, not half bad. Pretty interesting, actually!
5/29/2012 c3 4JessMust7
Pleasee pleasee continue this! It's absolutely brilliant! Pretty please?
11/4/2011 c3 snowfire169
Love the beginning, any chance you'll add to this story? Good 10 and Rose! Edward, though, would always use correct grammar: "My family and I" not "Me and my family" - they were sticklers for proper grammar when he was in school :
10/4/2011 c3 12seekerchasing
brilliant story- don't suppose you're planning to continue it anytime soon? i mean its only been two years, that's a blink of an eye (to a timelord or a vampire)
7/26/2011 c3 6madTARDIStraveller
Love it :D Can't wait until the next chapter :)
9/15/2010 c3 1Domenique
I am really enjoying the story I love the mystery created around bella and edward,and I like the character of Rose and the doctor, cant wait for their reaction towards the family ! Update soon
9/15/2010 c2 Domenique
Oky I thought the first chapter was good but the second one was awesome! I loved the idea you came up with and once again I like you’re writing style! I s the doctor a human? And It was pretty awesome to have bella still a human! Cant wait to read more !
9/15/2010 c1 Domenique
Oeh I love this chapter,the scene was perfectly described, I love you’re writing style you have a very good way to bring humour to the floor…I was just confused that shes addressing him as docter. Oh and I had to smile when he sead ‘Oi’ I just love a Scottish accent…
9/11/2010 c3 2Elvaro
I've read a few Twilight/Doctor Who crossovers and thought throughout all of them that they were entirely incompatible.

Then I ran across this fanfiction. You've managed to keep to the spirit of both Doctor Who and Twilight without losing anything from either.

It's entirely plausible that the Doctor would take Rose to Seattle and not be able to resist investigating mysterious non-human serial killers. At the same time, it's possible that Bella would go to Seattle if she thought that someone she loved was in danger. And with the Doctor and Rose's luck it's almost impossible that they wouldn't run into one another.

I see that this story hasn't been updated in a while. I sincerely hope that you continue it. Please?
7/16/2010 c3 Canadian Guy
Ooh...interesting, can you continue it, please?
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