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for Don't Wake Me From My Nightmare

9/12/2012 c11 latrans
I love BS! It was funny watching them question each other and not calling BS.
9/12/2012 c7 latrans
Takuma is planning something...
9/12/2012 c4 latrans
Hmm, I wonder...
9/12/2012 c2 latrans
I'm liking this, it's different! _
9/3/2010 c11 2Nott01
Please update soon!
1/10/2010 c11 5NunuSama
OMGosh i love it! realy hope that you wright more. altho i wish that you would mentun it when you change to a diffrent persons POV. it was a bit confuzing when one min it was Asraella than zero. but otherwise it was amazing and i hope you wright more.
10/5/2009 c11 1Princess-Lazy-Chan
interesting i like it :)

5/7/2009 c11 Snoopy will rule all
awesome story i couldn't stop reading. you have done a wonderful job in writing this story. Hope you can update soon i can't wait to see what happens next. =)
1/29/2009 c11 2Azura Soul Reaver
That was great!
12/27/2008 c11 hubbabubbamax
can't wait for the next chapter

this is so interesting and the story is pretty original compared to other fanficts on vampire knight
12/26/2008 c11 4I'llxBexUrxEnigma2010
Ohh...very good chapter. Great details and such! Keep it going. I especially loved the whole Zero saying "Bullshit" to her! So cool! Update soon please. ^_^
12/26/2008 c11 1Natalie Beck
I just started reading this and I found this story to be so interesting that I didn't want to stop. I love the fact that you didn't make Asraella into this perfect little mary-sue. She has more depth to her. You're a great writer, too! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next chapter!
12/26/2008 c11 3Chaos Dragon-Fox
This chapter was brilliant, just a mess up on the spelling of conscience and that was all!
12/26/2008 c11 masoxrista
Its been a while since your last update. Welcome back!

Anywho... I keep on waiting for Asraella to get angry but somehow she just doesn't. When she found out that Yori and Yuuki withheld important information from her - she could've gotten angry there. When she was told by Zero that he had bit her after she had been attacked, she didnt even have the gall to push him at the very least - in apprehension...

Now, forgive me for sounding pretty callous but that doesn't seem very human at all...

What I found most interesting is how a human's drama is managing to hold up amidst the drama that is this new found reality - that vampires exist...

I liked how you said, a family of four with no room for the fifth... literary angst oozing...

However, a word of caution. In light of new found realities, something needs to change in Asraella... Even cutters begin to see the futility and madness in their actions in light of bigger things... well, they either go down the deep-er end because they can't deal anymore... or, they start seeing the world from a different perspective...
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