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12/3/2009 c1 28LucretiaDecoy
Aw, so sad! And so perfectly done! I especially loved the ending when Hiei was waiting to see if Botan would look back. Some lovely descriptions in here too, and it was perfectly Hiei that he would forego his own happiness like that.
8/18/2009 c1 4Trapped in Reality
Love the descriptions!
7/23/2009 c1 6kazekagesamagaara
Aww, this is such a magnificent oneshot! It made me so sad. Poor Hiei! D:

You are such an amazing writer! Keep up the great work, and if anyone tells you that you aren't a good writer, then you can tell them to shove it up their... Well, you know where I'm going with that. :P

Anyways, I love your work! Great job!
2/7/2009 c1 1Twilightspire
Wow. Nicely written, I like how you took an ordinary day and used it to move the story along. I also loved how you did most of the emotion building and storytelling in a flashback. I love flashbacks and this one was wonderfully done. You also did an excellent job with the dialogue, I never got lost and I loved how it was almost like a duality showing both of their thoughts. My final note, I like the story it was very engaging and I loved the use of the Jagan. Keep up the good work. -Twilightspire
11/20/2008 c1 indefinitelyhigh
AWW, sad but I love it!

It's awesome! The angst isn't layered on thick, poor Hiei and Botan!

I love it! Keep it up! You're an awesome writer!
10/15/2008 c1 3AlleluiaElizabeth
Darn it, Hiei. Don't LEAVE! _

lol Nice oneshot, though.

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