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11/4/2010 c1 Miles
Nicely written :) you pulled off Yoh and Anna characters very well. Sweet and heartearming, Anna's portrayal was totally spot on XD
8/2/2010 c1 10Besarki
HI! This took for FREAKING EVER to finally get to read, but I am pumped. Okay, reading now...

I think it's a bad sign that I started fangirling after the first line. -.-

AWW! Yoh's so cute! And Anna isn't buying any of his crap! 3

He's worried about her. 3

""What are you talking about? You are supposed to defeat him, he wants to destroy mankind! Don't you want to save the humans?"" For whatever reason, the first time I read that, I thought it said, "Don't you want to save the bunnies?" Lol. I need sleep.

AWW! I LOVE HER SPEECH! Yeah! You tell him! Give him the courage and the assurance!

Another aww! I love the ending! So simple yet so wonderful! Hee hee!

Okay, I'm done. And I have only one thing to say:

I. Love. Your. Writing.

I could not read a damn line without grinning like an idiot. It was SO cute! SO CUTE! Like, honestly, unbelievable. I love you. You are definitely among the best writers I have ever come across. And again, I can't believe you don't speak English natively! Phenomenal wording, utterly ADORABLE tone, superb flow, I can't compliment this enough. Just wow. Fantastic.

Now I have to go read the rest of your stuff because if they're even shadows of how good this was, then I'm sure that they'll be masterpieces in and of themselves. Thanks for the great story!
10/21/2009 c1 1gaap237
Even Yoh needs his angsty moment. Well done.
5/27/2009 c1 19FruitySmell
Tee-hee, I was expecting a kiss or more.

Anyways, this was really good. I've always had a thing for angsty Yoh.
5/4/2009 c1 213Anne Asakura
Wow, she was right, when she said you was a great writtr! I've see her indication on the forum and, curious how am I, decided to see with my own eyes.

Actually, I am not what you can call an "YohAnna" maniac (I love HaoAnna and HaoYoh *_*), but I can read if was be writen for a good author! And you are!

I'd love the manner what you desenvolve the relationship of they. Yoh was so cute and, in the end, when he blushes, I really fall in love with him!

The doubt about Hao was my favorite parts, you work very well with that.

Lovable work, Raven!

3/7/2009 c1 someone179
cute :3
10/12/2008 c1 8acho0bl3ssU
wow i really liked this story. I can't believe you kept this in your head! shame on you! lolz
10/8/2008 c1 42chromate
This has to be one of the best one-shot I've read so far. I'm glad you keep them both in character so I still feel like reading a Shaman King fic. I'm also happy that you write again! It's been a long time since your last one. Can't wait for the next one! =D
10/7/2008 c1 11HPCS2
Simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


Gosh... Your fics are the best. I loved it ;_;

Yoh's and also Anna's behavior so real =)


Ja nee,

Suprema Onmyoji Isah/HPCS2
10/7/2008 c1 47Smart Angel
First things first:

OMG YOU ARE ALIVE! *hugs* I haven't talked to you for a long time now! And I was in such a need to talk to someone who actually LIKES Yoh not only because Anna loves him or he is Hao's twin! And I was in need of something that showed Yoh's true feeling! This fanfic came just in the right time! =DD

I loved it! It was so cool! I loved how you made Anna being herself even with Yoh sufferind. I think the only time she would get really soft would be if the person who she was talking to was Hana-chan.

I loved! Yoh was cute and adorable and Yoh-ish. XD I think I may be a little crazy, but I love YOh-angst fics. Yoh is so cute and adorable on them that I feel like I wish I was Anna and could just hug. T_T

I also liked how you made the whole idea of saving Hao's souls Anna's. I never thought of that. O_o

I felt so sorry for Yoh. He was so upset. You wrote so well. XD The ending was also so sweet. I loved it! A really good YohXAnna! =D

I will tell you more when you enter online.

And to the people who liked this fanfic:

THANK ME! If I hadn't made her write this she wouldn't have. XD

Just kidding. XD
10/7/2008 c1 24Lillythemarshmellowqueen
Woah... that was way diffrent than your previous stuff... and quite nice may i add. I enjoyed it imensely! ^-^

10/7/2008 c1 24Nightglider-star
Aw...! THAT WAS SO CUUTTEE! And SO Yoh-Annaish! Brilliant work!
10/7/2008 c1 Ja 01'Loving you Always
Great.. HAhahahaha.. Marvelous.. Write with ure heart n only stop when ure out cold on the ground.. Jesus loves u n bless ure soul..
10/7/2008 c1 3hannami08
cute! but i was expecting them to at least 'kiss' in the end, though. LOLz. but anyways, this was really cute. shows, Yoh's also capable of being a 'worry-wart' at times. haha. alright, hope to see more of your works soon.^_^

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