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1/18/2023 c1 RukiaSakura
Love the story! Wow!
1/9/2017 c1 EverythingFromdA
i love that!:love:
but it was sad (
it made me cry:cry:

that was a very good story!
but it was so heartbreakingly sad. :(
i love the complications of byakuyaxrukia. :)

It is one of the most magnificents fafic of byaruki out there...
make cry!

Rukia... How could you choose Ichigo over Byakuya-sama? ; A ;

Amazing story;
Sad... But so touching. 3
I nearly cried. ;o;

ByaRuki forever. :heart:

I actually think this works out rather well. She's so much like Hisana. Come to think of it... I kinda imagined something similar to this once. Two geniuses with half a brain! ... Cell...

This was absolutely phenomenal. How emotional...

WolfietaichouSuch a beautiful take to the story, I cried, lol D written really well, well done!
4/16/2016 c1 1tending
This was beautiful! Simply astonishing! I can't thank you enough for writing such a beautiful piece. I encourage you to write more Byaruki because you are gifted to do so.
3/18/2014 c1 Hall of Rune
Just as beautiful as Dance, Thousand Cherry Blossoms. Once again, your characterization of Byakuya was exquisitely done. The whisper of deep affection was painfully bittersweet. Rukia's compassion for him not only as her brother, but as a man, was portrayed well—you've managed to express their complicated emotions in a way that is both coherent and, surprisingly, understandable (reasonable). Well done.
— Alex
2/26/2013 c1 Fenris Jin
That was really high.. trip, even. I seriously love it. Byaruki temptation always makes me question my fidelity to IchiRuki.. I'm ashamed of myself.. and somehow, I'm not. I mean, even Kubo had to give in to making a somewhat fulfillment of Byaruki in the form of Hisana. Didn't one of his interview say that Rukia was for Ichigo..? Therefore, the other men just has to settle for a little less. XD

When Rukia had said "..for Hisana.." I actually might have been led into thinking that she was indeed somewhat carrying a torch for her adoptive brother, and that phrase was said in order to stop the both of them into falling for each other completely.. It's so deliciously scandalous. I'm so sorry Ichigo *sobs*

Well, I guess your explanation cleared that up. Still.. I love Byaruki.. XD
4/9/2012 c1 PAMILA DE CASTRO
eu sou totalmente Byaruki, eu adoro este casal, espero que você escreva mais sobre eles, abraços
5/6/2011 c1 24Amethyst Skulkyrie Cain
Awwh. So sweet!

I've read both of your ByaRuki fics, and they're amazing!


You write well.
1/8/2011 c1 Moon-Diva
I'm an avid shipped of Ichigo/Ruki but I really enjoyed this story. Your characterization of Byakuya is the best I've ever read. You captured his essence completely.

The kiss ... I must admit it makes me feel awkward (more so the fact that they're family,even if not blood related). But I can see from where it came and the its purpose in the story.

Overall, well written!
10/7/2010 c1 1beherelove
5/11/2010 c1 evil villainess
absolutely beautiful..

lost count of how many times i've read this fic, but it still gets to me. /3

beautifully poignant. :(

hope to see more of this
4/18/2010 c1 33Apathymoon
This was the very first Byaruki fic that made me cry. I was so moved by this story that it brought me to tears. Brilliant. :'')
2/5/2010 c1 2Fire Storm Weaver
It is weird, but like you say, not really and it’s good too. I’ve never shipped ByaRuki, frankly never thought of it. None the less it certainly has a lot of potential and I don’t dislike it either, the only pairing I like is IshiHime.

I thought the picture was beautiful and you do make Rukias hesitance clear but also display a bit of willingness. It was toughing and the way you ad little details are that important for such a short story. I think the music is really beautiful and very fitting.

A good story, as always.
6/26/2009 c1 5Nosono Takako
Very Touching T^T

I liked this. Well written!
6/17/2009 c1 sakura255
i'm a huge byaruki and renruki fan and i loved this one so weird but still sweet as can be you are a good righter
4/4/2009 c1 skyblueocean
this fic was very moving...I love the way you describe characters with so much depth and emotion...I love it! (and ByaRuki!)
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