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1/20 c43 1Eagle-Eyes

Unlike anything I have read before on this site, or many other fan fiction sites...

I love thus story and where I think you are going, but I'm not sure if my thoughts are what you have or had planned.

I hope you have a chance to continue this story sometime...

Keep writing as life allows
1/6 c43 Guest
good story it is a shame that
it was not finished.
10/12/2023 c4 Guest
So, Does Morgana count as a dark lord? Cause they are so annoying anyway lol The Aux all keep saying they are going to be inner circle someday but if I had to choose between those who've always been up front and helpful and those who followed me after I was powerful it wouldn't be a hard decision. I am wondering if Calypso is a double agent with a crisis of morals now that she's working through. I guess we'll see! I like that things seem to be moving along now :)
10/6/2023 c43 Ella129
Is the story finished? or will you continue it?
7/11/2023 c43 Emma103
hmm i wonder if maybe both orion and calypso is pregnant. orion with triplets and calypso with the baby girl from orions visions.
5/17/2023 c43 Sapphire Paire
its been years when will this get updated?
3/11/2023 c1 MarwaC7
mais pour bien tout comprendre je vous conseillé de commencer par Black Heir , Arianeth Malefoy l'a presque entièrement traduit , vous verrez que vous serez accro
3/11/2023 c1 MarwaC7
est-ce qu'il n'y a vraiment personne qui aurait le temps et l'envie de traduire cette fic ? elle est juste géniale , en tout cas les premiers chapitres sont géniaux je suis pas encore arrivé très loin mais je suis sûr que ça continuera ainsi
2/18/2023 c43 Velaryan Jaeharys
Leí por primera vez tu obra en el 2016 y hasta el momento sigue siendo mi fanfiction favorito :) Lo volví a releer 7 años después y fue increíble, tantas emociones encontradas. Tienes una imaginación increíble, esperando de todo corazón que actualices una vez más cuando puedas, no me importaria esperar otros 7 años con tal de leer un nuevo capítulo. Te deseo lo mejor en todo
2/13/2023 c43 JD7563
A quick revision update for if you ever pick this up again. When Gabriel requests Gryffindor’s sword. He tells Orion that he stole it from Dumbledore’s office years ago. When it was just a few months back during the end of 6 year.
1/20/2023 c1 12Nymou
Can't believe I found this fanfiction so many years later, and reading it was so easy too LMAO.
I credit this fiction (and the prequel of course) as the work of art that taught me English. I was 14 at the time I discovered this, the first few chapters were translated in French, but most of it (The Black Heir) wasn't translated yet. I had some very rudimentary English skills from school, almost no vocabulary beyond "Hello, Nice to meet you".
Yet I painstakingly read the whole of the Black Heir (from chapter 7 or so) with a google translate window on the side, translating sentence by sentence (because translating whole paragraphs or webpages juste gave you gibberish at the time) and by the end of it, I was by far the most advanced English student at school lol. Yes, I may have known more erotic metaphors and sensual descriptions than was strictly necessary for a Medium schooler but, I got high marks in English for the rest of my life LMAO.
I just finished reading the Black Heir again, and I'm beginning to read this in the hope that you will someday update it. This fanfiction has a special heart in my place, and I would love nothing more to know what's the plan for it. But as I am not the 14yo mid schooler anymore, I guess you're not as free or enjoying writing fanfictions as you used to be; which is of course natural. In any case, updates or not; I wish you all the best in your life and thank you for your marvelous contribution to the fandom 3
9/4/2022 c43 Aria di Angelo
I died when he said passable, Voldemort is done .TBH at this point I'm kinda lost,honestly I can't even remember who tf Galahd is and some bunch of other people. I just reread black heir for context .
8/13/2022 c43 Adelie
This story is awesome, this is the best HP fanfic I've ever read.
But please continue this story.
8/3/2022 c43 Badgirl Niggi
love love love this store please write more <3
4/14/2022 c43 2nekopath
love your fics !
is there any hope to have new chapter ?
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