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2/18/2017 c4 amollie71
I've been reading a lot of your stories (mostly the smut), but I've never commented. But this one was really excellent writing. Thanks.
1/2/2017 c1 kpop381
I laughed immediately when I saw Good and Dirty had 69 chapters! Have to agree on not adding these chapters to that!
6/23/2016 c3 13Meags09
I think I've read all your GG fanfic and some of your original work and this chapter is one of my all time favorites. I hope you give us another Slip some time. Get that sucker to 69? Haha!
5/28/2010 c22 11coffeebeanner
As always SOOOOOO good! Can;t wait to see what's next. Update soon please and thank you. :)
5/28/2010 c22 3Copop
Now they really, completely and fully reconciled.

Loved it, and I think it was very needed that Lorelai admitted that she was scared of losing everything, too.

Keep 'em coming!
5/28/2010 c22 itzcheeseball
beautiful! i can't wait for more
5/1/2010 c21 BFD
Wow that was a different chapter. Thanks for continuing to write, I miss your work. Please update ASAP
5/1/2010 c21 DinerGuylvr
I normally love your stuff. Your writing is wonderful. I wish your warning had included a disclosure of what Lorelai was thinking/dreaming. I couldn't read this once it became apparent what she was thinking/dreaming/doing. I like Luke too much for me to read this particular story sorry.
4/30/2010 c21 110LanieSullivan
WOW pretty much sums it up. That dream sequence was totally hot and poor Lorelai is still jealous of Luke's friendship with Steve and missing the romance from Luke. Hopefully, Luke will eventually catch on. Now I have to wonder if Lorelai will feel awkward around Steve after a dream like that.
Again, WOW!
Keep up the good work.
4/30/2010 c21 11vaso.caskett
WOW! Just WOW. what else can somebody review in such chapter. Now we get Lorelai's reaction at the end of the last pg chapter. Now she'll feel even more guilty. I wonder if she somehow confesses to Luke about the dream, not to the extend of it but that she feels threatened by their friendship or something like that.
Experiment to write that kind of smut was successful but can we please go back to LL jumping each others bones? *lol*
4/30/2010 c21 3Copop
I don't really know what to make out of this... I have a feeling Lorelai will be feeling guilty for a while. After all she dreamed about Steve pleasuring her. Well, Luke was there, too, and the fact that she turned her head when Steve tried to kiss her is the proof that this was just about lust not love.

But if Luke knew that she dreamed about a threesome (a very hot one, too ;) ) then he would not approve, I'm sure.

I hope this doesn't cause severe trouble. Because Lorelai and Luke can't lie to each other, and he will find out...

Keep them coming!
4/30/2010 c21 3Cappuccino2go
I knew you would go there someday :D

I'm curious how you will go on from there. Will Lorelai tell Luke on her own, will he sense something is up, will she be uncomfortable around Steve now and that will give Luke some clues ? Will Luke move into the guest room ? How will he stomach it at all...if he gets to know the entire truth.

Drama, drama, drama and I hope you keep it in the story for longer than one or two chapters.

Oh and yeah hot chapter :D
4/30/2010 c21 micyaya
All I can say is thank god she did not say STEVE's name in the dream.. But oh yah she's in trouble... Great chapter!
4/29/2010 c21 11coffeebeanner
Wow! Total smutty! Can't wait to see what happens to next. Poor Lorelai the book gets her all hot and bothered. I really enjoyed this chapter. Total Smut and beyond. Update soon. :)
4/29/2010 c21 12Katelai
Oh my! Well, there was a lot of school-girl-esque giggles at certain parts. And I very much enjoyed this, you're fantastic! I'm glad dream-Luke set some boundaries and holy crap, it got steamy towards the end there! And a little Luke/Steve, he!

Of course, super sad in the end. I was really really curious about the most recent PG, and this explains a heck of a lot. I can't wait to see where you go with this because I am loving the angst! Especially with your super jealous yet intuitive Luke, he *had* to have known something was up! But of course, him starting with her while she was sleeping? Yowza!

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