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for and here we go, a dancing in circles

3/3/2013 c1 madinalakesavedmylife
Woo, go crack pairings! XD I'm kinda a hard-core Destiel-shipper myself, so I was kinda going "Cas, you're gay, what're you doing?!" throughout this, but it was still really good! :) You're a brilliant writer, can't wait to read more of your stuff! XD
11/5/2012 c1 Anon
Ruby2.0/Castiel FTW . I am sorry but I ship them so hard! You know that classic tale of Angels and Demons just attracts you! :)
1/12/2010 c1 15SierraKathleen
This pairing isn't my typical cup of tea, but I really thought you did this excellently! Cas and Ruby... interesting. Nicely done!

Do I still get that cookie? ;)
7/31/2009 c1 Katherine
Castiel/Ruby is a guilty pleasure of mine because I can't stand Ruby and I'm of the "Dean/Cas FTW" variety. Lol so, it's weird for me to even admit to it.

Anyways, I can never find any Castiel/Ruby fic! I loved this though...more chapters maybe ?
7/9/2009 c1 53FamousImmortal
haha nice,I actually liked this
1/20/2009 c1 22Saoirse agus amach
I really enjoyed this! It sounds crazy but I'm digging the Castiel/Ruby pairing. More chapters, maybe?
12/10/2008 c1 4CrazyOnDisplay
As odd as a pairing as this is...its so exciting and awesome! The mere thought of a demon and angel getting together...its so enticing!

Hats off to you...for not only making the first Castiel/Ruby fic/oneshot...but for also making an AWESOME one!

I really think you should consider doing a story...or more oneshots about the two! Or maybe throw a little Dean into the mix...thats interesting...hmm...

This has got my brain tingling!
12/7/2008 c1 6NinjaMayhewe
hmm...not what I expected.
11/15/2008 c1 Rozie
This is amazing.. there should be more castiel/ruby storys *hint hint* or more chapters *less subtle hint* :-P
10/20/2008 c1 cirana
gd fic
10/11/2008 c1 390darkgirl3
I reviewed on LJ and i'll review here this story is exellent keep up the great work and write more. :D
10/9/2008 c1 10Blood White Panther
Wow. This is powerful. And also strangely erotic. Good work.

10/9/2008 c1 609Ghostwriter
Did you watcj the Tales From The Darkside episode Let The Games Begin? Lol. Great job. Awesome. Catch ya on the flip side.

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