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6/1 c13 7ChiPee21
Its okay to stop writing and continue whenever you have time. Don't feel that you have obligations to us your readers, just take your time, do what you think is important and prioritize yourself and your family's happiness and well being.

Rest assured that we will still be here to support you.
5/22 c13 Guest
I started reading this very close to when it was posted in 2008. Its such an amazing story and I would love to read more. However, your health comes first. Im glad to hear you're better. Focus on the small things and you'll be okay with the big ones.
5/2 c13 Guest
Thank you so much
4/28 c13 Guest
I'm sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time. Life sometimes has a way of timing all bad things at the same time. I'm glad that you've reached a point where you can return to a little bit of normalcy. Take your time, enjoy life, and don't feel guilty when you can't update. Just live your life the way you need to :)
4/25 c13 Guest
I am very sorry to hear about your grandmother and I hope that you are doing well at the moment and that you are able to heal.
I am beyond excited to have seen an update on this fic and please, just take your time and do not feel rushed or obligated to update. Your fanfiction has been with me for a big part of my life, all through High school and College and it has been a spot of light for me in some dark times. I have lost count on how many times I have read and re-read this fanfiction, starting way back in 2010.
My sincerest well wishes to you and yours. Stay save and thank you so much.
4/25 c13 Sando
Glad to know your doing okay really enjoying this story our patience will be worth it with how well this story is written :)
4/25 c13 Guest
Wow I’ve been following this for so long now. Only fanfic I’ve read in that time. Looking forward to the rest can’t wait actually. Hope you and your family all the best !
4/25 c13 Steeeveee
I'm so sorry for your struggle and your losses, but I am so proud to know you've come back stronger and wiser. Pulling your way back from depression is no easy task. Be proud of yourself and be kind to yourself. I can't wait to start reading your stuff again!
4/25 c13 2omnismith
Glad to hear that you are doing well now. I honestly fell in love with your story and am definitely in this for the long run to see where your story goes. Hopefully you and your family stay safe in this pandemic. Take care.
4/25 c13 12000DragonArmy
I'm so sorry that you went through all that. your writing brings me joy and I hope you will feel that joy again soon. take your time, as an old friend used to say, life is rough, so no rushing. thank you for being amazing and awesome.
4/25 c13 2Zahkrii
Hey there! It's really great to hear from you again. Last I heard from you was a long time ago, but it's great that you are pulling through and still on your feet. Life isn't easy and family goes first, but I'm happy that this story is not dead. Congrats and good luck with with the kids! :) (God am I glad that I never kick good stories off my lists... You never know what may happen)
3/6 c12 177coke
I like this
11/23/2019 c12 Kamehameha
Brilliant writing, I love this version of what happened after rose left way more than the canon answer. Fingers crossed that you continue this.
7/31/2019 c12 2omnismith
It would be too much to ask since I am guessing you are busy with your life but I would really like it if you completed this story. I loved loved reading this as it's unlike any other work of American dragon out there. It's so unique and mature that I can't help but wish for a continuation.
12/31/2018 c12 Guest
I really do hope you can find time to update again soon with what I’m sure is a busy schedule. No matter how much time goes by know at least I’m waiting on another chapter. Like you said, the original ending was in a sense disappointing and I’m truly hoping you’ll manage to set it right for all of us!

Hope you're doing well!
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