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9/17/2017 c14 Rune Tobor
This reminds me of another story, FIRST KNIGHT.
It is a Buffy in Middle Earth, and it is also incomplete.
I found FIRST KNIGHT on Twisting The Hellmouth, but it may be here as well.
9/9/2015 c14 EXC RID3R
Please update you've got a great story and ideas about the Force. Always thought that controlling ALL emotions was the true power behind the Force, good job
1/26/2015 c5 lichruler787
I would have liked to read a mandalorian buffy fanfic this is still an interesting story
6/10/2014 c14 Drake
Hi Please update soon it's been i while and i've like to read more
2/12/2014 c14 5Regin
I Like, I Lust, I Love!Please Update Soon!
4/5/2013 c14 Talon5Krrde
More please! This is a very interesting story!
3/31/2013 c14 Guest
Great Story, Great Character Portrail, Love the Premis, but beware the power of the Laurell K. Hamilton side. I love the her books but I end up skimming 2 or 3 chapter in the books becouse of too much Peg A,B and C going into Slots 1, 2 and 3. You danced a lottle close to the edge for me and I fast forword to the action. You work was still great but we arm chair critics need something to wine about.

Thanks for a good read,

Peanut Gallery
11/3/2012 c14 caradens
looking forward to more
brilliant thanks
9/16/2012 c14 Wmwhitewolf
More please I love the way your writing just jumps off the page and flows into a movie in the mind keep up the great work
7/26/2012 c14 AbyssalSiren
This is one of the better SW/BtVS crossovers that I have read! Keep up the good work :)
7/2/2012 c14 6GNatGirl13
please update soon! I don't normally read slash unless it is cannon but this story has me intruged
2/14/2012 c13 2GeorgeTobor
I really hope you will continue this sometime. So many die because Jedi are foolish, here you have Buffy saving who she can. I like it , LOTS.
2/14/2012 c1 GeorgeTobor
One day the PTB will become guests of Hild, Queen of Hell. She'll stomp on the junior partners too.

All the pain the PTB have ever dealt out will be visited on them at least threefold.

Nice fic. The prologue is good. Update soon please.
12/1/2011 c14 Castor and Pollux
where is the rest of the story!
7/2/2011 c14 GeorgeTobor
A very nice story, please update it. I like the way Buffy is handling her emotions, the Jedi are stupid. We have emotions for a reason, they should not be denied for long. Only in the heat of Battle should some emotions be set aside, and then only if needed to win.
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