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for Thousand Year Love Story ::千年戀物語::

5/10/2011 c4 lilkathra
love to know how it ends
4/15/2011 c4 Nikky
I've really enjoyed your story. I hope you continue...
3/9/2011 c4 megan0713
seriously when are you going to update? or are you abandoning this story for good? please continue writing this. i really like it. you write so well.
2/12/2011 c4 3LadyMidnightGuardian
omg that's so sweet... hmm Can still Sakura love Syaoran if all of her family members perish...
1/17/2011 c4 MaidenAlice
ah no please update soon its so interesting.
11/13/2010 c3 megan0713
Oops i meant 3rd chapter. Sorry my bad ;p
11/13/2010 c1 megan0713
Wow I really like your story. It's really well-written You really portrayed Syaoran beautifully=)It might have been too soon, having sex on the second chapter. Nonetheless i like it and i'm putting it as one of my favorite fanfictions.

I have only one problem though...


Please update. I'd love to know how the fic ends.
11/6/2010 c4 Tsvetkova
I really hope you update soon, can't wait for the chapter! SxM is not my cup of tea but it's was an entertaining interaction despite my feelings and it was an understandable circumstance. Again, update soon pleeeease!
11/6/2010 c3 Tsvetkova
This chapter was beyond sweet. I go either way with sweet talk dialogue...usually I hate it but you make it so epic and sweet I can't help but sigh and daydream while reading it. And now her fiance's here...let the games begin!
11/6/2010 c2 Tsvetkova
This is so my kind of story, forbidden love is a favorite theme of mine!
11/6/2010 c1 Tsvetkova
Can't believe I've never come across this story by you before, I'm already hooked. I know you took a long hiatus and saw you updated this recently too, please keep updating, this story has some real potential! Off to the next chapter!
11/2/2010 c4 annie
10/28/2010 c4 Riku Michaelis
This is an awesome story, I hope you update soon. :)
9/26/2010 c4 5The Lady Gen
I love this story! You are awesome!
9/22/2010 c4 Hatsuki
Hurry up and write more? =)
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