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for Thousand Year Love Story ::千年戀物語::

9/22/2010 c4 silver orchidz
You still amaze me, Waltz Alone. This story is fascinating too! I loooove your writing style.

You're now officially one of my favorite authors here! Yay!
9/19/2010 c4 Teenareen
this story is amazing! your writing is fabulous. =] update soon please.
9/13/2010 c4 10Musette Fujiwara
Are his suspicions accurate about who is the spy?

Can it really be true... or he is being misguided by his jeaulousy...
9/11/2010 c4 KawaiiAmy13
please update soon :)
9/10/2010 c4 2pApAw

im not a fan of meilin and syaoran but i found their interaction quite interesting...

i actually had fun reading this chap

but im still a syaoran-sakura fan!

pls... dont change that..haha

love this fic

pls update soon

cant wait for the next chap

9/9/2010 c4 2yuki3364
WOW! A lot has happened. I like the way you described Yue. Almost as if he was that good looking xD.

I noticed that you listen to Korean Artists as well. Would you by chance know Super Junior?

Okay, going back to the story. I hope Sakura doesn't waver so quickly, and that Syaoran will not be rash in his decisions...Syaoran may be great but he seems a bit thoughtless in his actions, no offense. I just hope he thinks more :)
9/7/2010 c4 1mysteree101
this is gettign good!
9/7/2010 c4 yingfa07
interesting chapter full of twists and turns. i was excited when i saw that you updated the chapter! :D

i cant wait for the next chapter!
9/7/2010 c4 chainedheart999
Hoeee! Is it love at first sight for Sakura? ~hahaha~ But, I thought Sakura knew that she was in love with Syaoran...? ~huhuhu~ SO many mysteries that make me curious XD But, I really like the title for this chapter in Japanese^^ Hontouni iro no kana... ~wistful smile~
9/6/2010 c4 1Enigma infinite
The premise is too sinful. Oh my I think I just had a relapse. On the blunt side you made a strategic error.

Summary: Syaoran, a deadly assassin, and Sakura, a princess. Even when she marries a shogun to protect the imperial family, they cannot suppress their love and lust for each other, becoming tangled in the dangerous web of adultery, betrayals, and deaths...

That pretty much reveal the whole plot. Bear in mind that we don't know this until you have posted this chapter.

Oh, and check Tv tropes for references.

Thank you.
9/6/2010 c4 1xSkull.CanDiiee.Bitesx
Awe! Poor Syaoran! Poor Sakura! Sexy Yue! xD Update whenever! Haha! :hearts:
8/28/2010 c3 Viven
(T ~ T) how tragic! But graet story! Keep up the good work! :3
8/22/2010 c3 EndlessSugar
What a lOvely story I would liKe to read more of it UPDATE SOON
8/20/2010 c3 UPDATE
8/13/2010 c3 ilovesyaoranforever
ohmygod! that was good! i hope you will update this real soon! :) thankyou~
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