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11/6/2008 c2 TheDon1023
10/29/2008 c1 TheDon1023
10/21/2008 c1 4NeroSparda
Hmm, interesting, and I already thing of what team combo's these two will do. I mean, with Dawn having Sakura's super strength and Xander being the Guyver...well, can anyone say "Fast Ball Special". The only complaint I got is the minor grammar problems. Well, I hope you continue this and update soon, ja ne.
10/13/2008 c1 userid
You do know that this is a few years before Joyce knew about the night life in sunnyhell and dawn wasnt around for another 4-5 years.
10/13/2008 c1 cjcold2
Again nice start. Though with Halloween fics so many have been written that it is like fill in the blank these days.

I see a lot of potential with their costume choices.

One question I have is would it be possible for Sakura/Dawn to teach other people how to access their chakra and use it.

Should be really interesting how the group and Dawn's mother reacts to their changes. Especially since neither character from what I recall is skilled at aquiring resources in a modern setting. Money, IDs, and other resources which would be needed to outfit them for fighting.

More soon please.
10/12/2008 c1 erik
A nice start, with the unusual twist of Dawn being Buffy's twin. Looking forward to what happens after Halloween.

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