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8/31/2009 c3 sonroll
good chapter update soon pleass
8/23/2009 c3 gaul1
good chapter, keep up the good work, byes
8/18/2009 c2 TheTrueBard
Me again, after Giles yells at Buffy Xander walks into the room and tells Giles that Buffy's right he can stop Glory with his Mangekyo Sharingan using Susanoo to lock Glory away in a eternal illusion Buffy is validated by Xanders words and says so…

“See? I was right, Xander can stop her!” Buffy said pointing towards Xander while glaring a Giles with anger.

“I never said he couldn’t Buffy, but all of the abilities Xander’s Mangekyo Sharingan grant him are double blade swords, they hurt him as much as they do his opponent! It can KILL him!” Giles cried disturbed that Buffy could so quickly disregard his earlier warnings about the dangers Xander faced if he used his Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Is he right? Xan?” Buffy whispered her face pale as she turned to face her friend she thought Giles was just trying to scare her earlier when he told her that Xander’s Mangekyo Sharingan was slowly blinding him.

“Yes.” Xander replied quietly his voice barely above a whisper as he looked down at the floor unwilling to meet Buffy’s gaze.

“What did you mean when you said stop Glory?” Buffy asked quietly breaking the uncomfortable silence that had fallen on the room.

“I can use Susanoo to seal Glory or at least her proxy Ben into an eternal genjutsu that she can never escape.” Xander said with resolve.

“There more to it isn’t there? You’re not telling us everything, are you Xander.” Giles asked polishing his glasses.

“What is it Xander?” Buffy asked staring at Xander with her arms crossed daring him to lie to her.

Xander’s reply died on his lips as he looked into Buffy’s eyes, he could see how scared she was at that moment, not just fior Dawn or of Glory but for him. Sighing Xanders shoulders slumoped before the finally said, “After summoning Susanoo to the physical realm, I have to act as the medium for Susanoo, allowing it to consume my life force to keep the jutsu sustained. If it takes to long to seal Glory into the genjutsu, I’ll die.” Xander said staring back at Buffy.


So what do you think if you have any ideas or want my opinion on something send me a PM!
8/18/2009 c3 TheTrueBard
Great story! Update, update NOW! or as soon as possible.

Idea time!

Does Xander have the mangekyou sharingan? Dru did kinda hint at the possibility... if so what about the side effects eg. Blindness. How will Xander cope with his eyesight degrading more and more with every use of his mangekyou sharingan?

My idea, a spell. Now to stop it from being a Du ex machina instead of healing his eyesight completely it only heals some of the damage or it diverts the damage caused by the mangekyou sharingan's use onto his normal eyesight while leaving his sharingan undamaged, it would be a rather xander thing to do, sacrificing his eyesight for the greater good while leaving him and the scobby's with a powerful weapon ala his sharingan. Of cause the mangekyou sharingan can be a Du ex machine by itself if use to often so to stop it from being an easy way out use it sparingly, Amaterasu to kill the Judge, causing Xander some minor damage. To fix the damage Xander seeks out Giles help to heal his eyes but makes him promise to no tell the others about the side effects in return Giles makes Xander swear to never again use the mangekyou sharingan again. Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi on Glory after seeing Glory withstand a barrage of attacks and jutsu from the entire Scooby gang Xander breaks his promise to Giles and uses Amaterasu after seeing Glory survive the flames of Amaterasu with only minor wounds Xander with tears of blood running down his face uses Tsukuyomi in a last ditch effort to stop Glory, in the world of Tsukuyomi Xander controls everything making Glory just as human as everybody else or when he uses Tsukuyomi it is Bens mind the Xander tortures which in turn incapacitates Glory before passing out from chakra exhaustion giving the Scooby’s time to escape. Later while Xander sleeps Buffy during the scooby session makes plans to have Xander use Tsukuyomi to disable Glory and Amaterasu to hopefully kill her. Giles snaps and yells at Buffy telling her that Xander nearly died using Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu together last time and tells her the damage they do to Xander’s eyesight. What do you think?
8/6/2009 c3 176Firehedgehog
very nice
8/2/2009 c3 Chi Vayne
Nice to see this continued.
8/1/2009 c3 3kamikage86
Nice story so far I'm really looking forward to how this story goes, and I'm also wondering will his mother find happiness since I'm sure Xander want his mother to be happy? I'm looking forward to your next update please update as soon as you can.
8/1/2009 c3 30megaprime
Good chapter keep it up man

Saving the ladies and smacking the bullies around.

Is he going to tell his friends about his new persona and how will they react and how will Spike and Angelus react to the kitten turning into a dangerous fox.
8/1/2009 c1 Outcaste
this has the makings of an interesting story. so please continue on with it. I also find some of your story ideas listed under your profile to be pretty good also and look forward to when you get around to writing them.
8/1/2009 c3 RobC
Fun story so far And now with LOOT! ;)
6/16/2009 c2 0megaprime
Good story keep it up.

I always like these types of stories where Xander gets cool abilities and goes all hero-like on the baddies.

WOW who knew Joyce was such a dirty girl hehe.
3/18/2009 c2 zippythewondermonkey
3/14/2009 c2 2Tri-Emperor of The Twilight
Good story write more please.
3/1/2009 c2 2nomad62
Nice story so far.

Personally, I wouldn't put him with anyone in particular right away. Just let him play with who ever is interested. Then let it settle into a particular 1 or more.

Anyhow, I hope you are still writing and look forward to more.

1/17/2009 c2 Nighetray
looks good hope theres more soon
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