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6/25/2020 c7 Guest
Any chance of an update? I need to know what happens!
12/17/2013 c7 Guest
the story is simply wonderful. Love the mystery. Please update soon
5/9/2013 c7 2Mediatorlover2013
Oh wow this is simply wonderful i hope you update this soon. Very soon plz i cant wait!
3/30/2013 c7 miseryoftheunderworld23
12/16/2010 c7 plainlyironic
Update soon!
11/13/2010 c7 kimmi0490
great chapter. please update soon. =D
11/13/2010 c6 kimmi0490
This was a very cute chapter between jesse and susannah, awwww. On to the next one...
4/26/2010 c7 1Jesse de Silva is MINE
Hey there! Been long hasn't it? How were your boards? Hope you can update sometime soon. Any of your stories will do...LOL
4/23/2010 c7 update
finish your story it was getting good and you just stopped it

that was so mean plez update
3/7/2010 c3 na
aw! i swear dis is an ah-mazing story, i have no idea how you vould come up wid something so sick!(sick, as in a good way)
12/7/2009 c7 dori-tori
hey its pretty good

r u continuing?
10/29/2009 c6 Looka'sMagicHell
aaw! so romantic! love the story, cant wait for the next!
10/1/2009 c7 64Bunnylass



God, it's taken me WAY longer to read this than it should have done! I've been interrupted SO many times, it's been hard to keep my head on straight. BUT, it sure as hell hasn't taken away the, 'WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!' of my initial reaction! JACK'S DEAD! AND, and, AND Suze is SO going to end up falling upon something that is going to tear her perfect life with Jesse upside-down, right? RIGHT? GOOD! I LOVE SOME DRAMA! :D Wow...I sounded so MEAN, right then. But...But...BUT THIS IS A GOOD SPIN! I LIKE THIS SPIN!

The next time you update, I am SO going to be checking it out a LOT quicker than I have before! I'm sorry again for the delay. But damn...I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT! O.O I can't WAIT to find out! Ack, and I'm so locking myself in a dark room with NO interruptions next time too. :D I hope you start writing again soon, hun! It's good to be able to have this connection with you again. I missed ya! :( Hehehe. :) Speak to you soon, hun.


*Hugs and love*


9/8/2009 c7 seagreenseeblue
wow! you are an awesome writer! please hurry and update, i hate waiting. your storyline is really amazing you know, i LOVE it. continue writing my friend!
8/16/2009 c7 6MinxieJinxie
love the story please update soon
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