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12/21/2008 c11 sakuraheartz
Definitely looking forward to chapter 12 hehe. I love that song. It reminds me that i used to sing this song endlessly for 5 straight days. Good choice of song, for me that is. Wow kagome is so perfect! Figure skating, singer, composer. Wow. Haha. And inuyasha IS cute when he have the puppy dog eyes Hehe. Actually i'm currently staying at my grands. I'm typing this using my mobile phone because there's actually no internet connection here except my phone Huhu.
12/20/2008 c10 sakuraheartz
Haha perverted B.I rockstas! Haha! That was funny. Hehe looking forward to reading your next chapter :) yeap kagome is the only person that can make inuyasha to cower in fear haha. You go girl!
12/18/2008 c9 sakuraheartz
oh wow, nice. Honestly i really like the fact that you dont really stick to the original story. Its not that i dont like the original story, but it makes it more interesting to read your story. So please update and take note that i'm looking forward to read your next chapter =D hehe
11/27/2008 c7 3SuketiSakuraBlosom
more, more, more, please, and thank you.
11/21/2008 c2 happy girl
Ha Ha Ha OW SIDE CRAMP! that was very good i love how kagome tells inuyasha off it's good that dome writers make her stand up for herself!
10/30/2008 c5 SuketiSakuraBlosom
More More More...NOW!Please...LoL
10/23/2008 c2 SuketiSakuraBlosom
Hi its me i used to be Sukamaria.I changed my name. By!
10/23/2008 c1 SuketiSakuraBlosom
more please
10/22/2008 c4 SuketiSakuraBlosom
hey i loove please write more.
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