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1/6/2009 c2 59Bay Alexison
Hey, Sunnybeam. This is me, Bay. Sorry for the LONG WAIT...been really busy. ^^;

I say, this is an interesting piece. Like how this is all in Mystil's POV. At first in the first part of the story you seemed to jump events from point A to point B a little too fast, like from Mystil's capture to suddenly talking about the battle with Crasher Wake, but I guess you did that to moreso go through the events more important to this short story. The part at Mt. Coronet is what got me. You really portrayed the events and the emotions well.

There's one other thing I want to mention real quick.

"The first time Kalia truly took note of his peculiarity was several weeks later, in the battle with Crasher Wake. The rest had fallen; Staravia, Gastrodon, and Machoke at the end of Gyarados’ powerful attacks, Grotle and Luxio from Floatzel’s vicious assault."

Real quick: are those Pokemon all of Kalia's or both Kalia's and Lewis' Pokemon?

Anyways, enjoyed this one shot a lot. Looking forward to The Sixth Warrior. ^^
11/2/2008 c2 Applecrow

You have to update the first chapter of T6W. Like, right now! I'm dying here! Anyways, this is so sweet and adorable. *laughs*

The pokephilia bug has bitten you! You are forever one of us!
10/13/2008 c1 3Drayeth
10/13/2008 c1 Jasper
-is blown away-


I've forgotten how amazing your writing can be. The last bit was really effective. Mystil seems so sweet here. I didn't know that Mismagius could chirp.

Now move some appropriate body part and update something else!

Yours hypocritically,

10/12/2008 c1 Applecrow
Oh wow. This is so awesome! Now I'm even more hyped up for the next chapter! *holds up Mystil banner* I love that ghost!

Another great job Aqua. I'll be seeing ya!

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