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3/27/2011 c25 11adngo714
wow...good story Riyuto-san. Kushika is finally back with her true parents, if you know what I mean.
3/27/2011 c25 TSFreedom
Awesome chapter ^^
3/27/2011 c25 19UGX7
It's almost gone, so good, and yet so sad.
3/27/2011 c25 8RasenganFin
I better see Hinata remembering that she saw the Calendar in Naruto's office with Kushika's birthday marked on that month, it can be any month you want, that way Hinata can figure out when it comes time to get pregnant with Kushika. When Hiashi tries to intervene Hinata will get in his face saying "Do you want to be hugged by Kushika ever again? DO YOU? Cause if you do your gonna let me have sex with Naruto even if we aren't married yet. I want to have her, and if we miss the chance with the Ovum that becomes Kushika because of your bullheadedness your going to regret it Tou-san!" Naruto watches the whole thing and feels more love for Hinata because of her drive to have Kushika.
3/27/2011 c25 UniquePancakes
Can't wait for the epilogue although I'm sad it's about to end. :
3/27/2011 c25 5Lican
I really liked your story
3/27/2011 c25 17Silver Warrior
And so they return Kushika home, and meet their future selves. Nice. and of course they won't forget Kushika, she'll be popping up before long.
3/27/2011 c25 5Rose Tiger
Kushika is back home! Thank goodness!
3/27/2011 c25 15CaptainFlye
Aaaaahhhh...that was nice. So kind of you not to leave such a bad cliff hanger this time, too! lol. Loved the chapter, and thought, of course, sad to see them separated, I was glad to see them reunited. Funny how time travel works, eh?

Oh, and very sweet at the ending there. Now they just have to make sure they know when they're supposed to conceive Kushika, or they just might get another kid entirely!

Great job, as usual. Looking forward to the epilogue.
3/26/2011 c24 powerofmicrofibre
OMG! THATS SO GOOD! pleaassseee update im soooo HAAPPPPPYYY!.yayayaya toats fangirlin right now. looovvin thisss story!
3/26/2011 c5 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
Bwahaha, "Happy Blow Shit Up Day!" best holiday name ever!
3/26/2011 c4 Zeromaru Chaos Mode
the moment i read "I'm going to enjoy this far more than i should" i flashed back to DBZ abridged just before Vegeta attacked Goku.

Man that was hilarious.
3/24/2011 c24 hiNAru Aburame
Hi! ^^

And...OMG! fic is finished! O_O! wow, I feel like it was yesterday that began *_*... ok, not true, but I think if I will miss it, but anyway, definitely an epic and brilliant chapter ... I love your fic forever! ^ ^

Greetings and until the next chapter! (the end! OMG!)
3/22/2011 c1 6Addicted-to-the-Madness
where are the anbu that are supposed to follow the hokage around, and whats up the non exsistant shinobi's around? i mean naruto and that guy let off a good set of power enough to at least alert some nins around so whats up with that?
3/21/2011 c24 elfvanvan
one more, one more ... patienly waiting for the next :)

Your story are totally addictive :)
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