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12/25/2011 c3 9TheYumeTsuki
This is some funny shit! LOLOL!
12/25/2011 c1 TheYumeTsuki
12/23/2011 c5 6raveman2
I broke out in stitches while reading this chapter nice work.
12/23/2011 c4 raveman2
I bet that picture will be on there fringe when Kushika returns to her own time.
8/11/2011 c26 17the point
I read this in a day, (in-between a night of sleep, of course), and I have to say that you are a very talented author. Your characterizations were great and you really showed your skill through the character developments. You didn't go too fast or too slow, but at the perfect pace, and I don't think I've ever liked an OC like I like Kushika.

The plot was very well executed. I think you've balanced the seriousness of the situation with the heartwarming Uzumaki family perfectly. My only pet peeve is that you didn't write much about the kunoichi (Ino and Tenten), but that's okay because the action of the war deterred from that.

I was curious as to how Naruto started to crush on Hinata, but I loved how Kushika brought them together. I love the gentle feeling between Naruto and Hinata, and I applaud you on how you portrayed the couple. It was very lovely.

Thank you for the wonderful read. You don't have any grammar or spelling mistakes (that I could see... but I was reading it pretty fast!), and your plot was simply stunning!

- the point
7/25/2011 c26 Silber D. Wolf
7/21/2011 c12 ChibiNaruto3390
For some reason it makes me happy that you got the raikiri/chidori thing congrats on that! Oh, and i love the story!
7/14/2011 c5 whhatamidoingwithmylife
LOL baby bump xD
7/8/2011 c26 entityoffire
Your awesomeness knows no bounds for writing this enthralling story. I cant wait for the sequel.
6/24/2011 c26 2Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c24 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c23 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c21 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c18 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c17 Itachi's apprentice
Great work/.
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