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6/24/2011 c15 2Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c13 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c12 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c11 Itachi's apprentice
Great work/
6/24/2011 c9 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/24/2011 c5 Itachi's apprentice
Great work.
6/14/2011 c26 noname00
The fic overall was great, and though their were some sad moments their was also happy ones:)

I'm glad that I got to read and finish this^^
6/2/2011 c7 3LadyofRealms22
Yay they figured it out :) 3 this story :)
6/2/2011 c6 LadyofRealms22
Awww so cute :) loved that chapter so cute of a ending :)
6/1/2011 c5 LadyofRealms22
Aww poor Hinata with her fainting lol once again awesome chapter and their daughter is so cute :)
6/1/2011 c4 LadyofRealms22
She's so cute :) and you made Naruto's reactions really fitting for this chapter :) amazing like always :)
6/1/2011 c3 LadyofRealms22
Never seems to disappoint lol awesome like always :)
6/1/2011 c2 LadyofRealms22
Yay had time to read another amazing chapter :) I love this story, it's so easy to dive into and enjoy :)
5/31/2011 c1 LadyofRealms22
Wow you were right "you're damn good" haha this really is a story were I'm scrolling down the page and clinging on to each word. I'm reviewing every chapter I read cause this story really is that good and it's only been the first chapter :)
5/24/2011 c26 bulamani
I would like to say THANK YOU for this wonderful story. I loved it from the very first chapter, and the end did not deceive me. Good job ! I hope to read you again soon. Your story was so captivating that I was always the site for updates. And I am both happy and sad for your completing this story.

Congrats on a job well done.
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