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for Naruto: 20 Sword Swings

1/8/2013 c1 6Deta Henkan
Wow. That was certainly good and Baki was not really someone I had thought to much about. This is well done and, oddly enough, I find the brief instances with the Fourth Kazekage to line up with the later reveal of the former leader's thoughts and feelings during the war under Edo Tensei as well. Well done.
6/13/2012 c1 Marshmallow
That last line made my chest crunch up :) 3 Simply Lovely fic. Less than 3.
2/10/2009 c1 7Hatheny Lurey Dralaw
Wonderful! There are so few good Baki fics out there, and this is a real treat. Thank you.
1/4/2009 c1 6mari-ness
I like that it follows the story line. like, people add things that Baki ould never do or feel. I seemed real! And you included eery episode he was in! good job!
11/13/2008 c1 9BlackLillyWildFlower
I like how you did not make the father a jerk! I really liked these snippets! Well done! SC
11/2/2008 c1 1Sick.In.The.TOE
this story was truly unique...there aren't many stories which focus on Baki. Now that i think about it he's a pretty interesting character to write about...

good job!

10/21/2008 c1 Musashi Sanada
I totally dig the redemption theme, but other than that, it's good to see your fics, and you as well! *hugs and kisses* ^^
10/13/2008 c1 11Nymyrra
It is good to see you back :)

Interestingly told. Baki's not a character we see much of, and is therefore difficult to portray. I thought you did a good job at the task, however. There are many facets here, not the least of them fear and distrust; but also a building loyalty, and eventual pride. The growth here is good.

Thank you for writing this (and for the wonderful dedication). I look forward to your future writing.
10/12/2008 c1 2madam-cipher
not bad... but out of curiosity, why'd you pick Baki out of all the Naruto characters?

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