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for Icy Heart

5/27/2016 c9 Guest
that was great. sooo cute
4/13/2015 c9 ningKyu
hai Im new reader. I really like your story. thank you.
3/19/2015 c9 Guest
though i adore ichiruki to the highest degree, i would've wanted ichigo to be impaled by byakuya's sword! how could he cheat, much more impregnate another girl aside from rukia?! and he still claims that he loved her after all his bullshit?! imho, if a man "truly" loves his woman, he can resist temptation, knowing that an hour of lustful fun can account to a lifetime of pain! i hope you'll make an epilogue wherein ichigo dies in a painful way after knowing that his "other woman" was cheating behind his back all this time and he himself contracted venereal disease and AIDS which will eat out his mind and body! {evil glare}
2/27/2015 c4 laexdream
Gee... Rukia is kinda... OOC... At least in terms of her jumpiness and timidness. What happened to the girl who would leap up and kick Ichigo in the face? Ah well, I do like the story. Just... *sigh* Anyway, thanks for the chapter.
4/18/2014 c9 Guest
i love this fic
4/18/2014 c8 Guest
i hope you continue to write about hitsuruki
4/18/2014 c4 Guest
poor rukia
4/3/2014 c2 Kandyj
Love it 3 I loooovve this story plz write more hitsuruki 3
1/22/2012 c9 BlackAngel'sWrath
Oh my god! Epilogue pls!
12/20/2011 c9 12Freak-With-Issues
I really enjoyed this story and if you can find time to write an epilogue, that that would be really awesome!
12/19/2011 c9 MuchAirsense
Why did Rukia have to fall for Hitsugaya? like no offense but i am pissed off at this story!
7/19/2010 c9 3MoonlightOrange666
I absolutely loved this story!

See, normally I completely hate Rukia's guts, but for some reason I didn't.

Great job!~
6/8/2010 c9 12Senna54367
5/1/2010 c9 lazyguy90
Hey, great work on this story. Nicely done on this.
2/26/2010 c9 8WhenFangirlsAttack00
Aw...super sweet and super sad but it was still awesome! please please please write an epilogue. Loved the story great job!
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