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6/19/2017 c6 alberte140101
This was such a great story! :3
11/1/2011 c6 61Kokoroyume
Awesome story, I loved it !

Thank you :)
8/12/2010 c6 5Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1
I enjoyed your story. It would've been interesting to have Dean meet that lady back in her younger days. That would've been a story in a story so to speak.:)

Thank you for the good story.
1/21/2010 c6 20Rosetta Brunestud
Oh! ^^ I really liked it

Good fanfic, ^~ I hope to read more of your stories soon


6/10/2009 c6 22azab
it is a great story i loved it :)

6/10/2009 c5 azab
loved it
6/10/2009 c4 azab
dean is so charming :

great chapter
6/10/2009 c3 azab
great chapter
12/2/2008 c3 laurrrbearrr

i laughed so hard at the "bed" thing

..my mom was giving me strange looks



i am still reading the story, so i will review again when i get to chapter 6!

11/30/2008 c6 Brigid Tanner
Great story. Creepy motel! Liked Rusty getting to be a hero. Had a feeling he was somehow involved, but I thought he'd be a bad guy. Glad I waited to read till it was complete though! Good use of OC's, and the boys sounded and acted just right.
11/30/2008 c4 Brigid Tanner
"Sam took two cookies and Dean took six. The older man jumped slightly and scowled at his brother who had kicked him under the table. Dean cocked his eyebrows in a question and Sam tried to frown subtly as he indicated the cookies. Dean shrugged as he popped one into his mouth, sighing in contentment — they were wonderful." LOL! perfect! Love watching the boys get info out of older women. And Dean does seem to appreciate all women ;) Like the way Sam's trying to take care of Dean, but Dean just won't let him. Stubborn man...
11/30/2008 c3 Brigid Tanner
"Sam waited. He knew how smart his brother really was, no matter what face Dean presented to the world, and had enjoyed watching him think and process information from a very young age." Thank you! I love Smart!Dean and he doesn't show up nearly often enough in fan fic. Story is getting more intriguing...can't wait to see how you resolve the case.
11/30/2008 c2 Brigid Tanner
Damn it! I jumped almost as much as Sam did when the pillow hit him in the back of hte head. Thought sure something was going to push him out into the other place! Good voices for the guys. Enjoying the story a lot...great plot, good pacing and action.
11/30/2008 c1 Brigid Tanner
Great start! Good tension, cool plot.
11/29/2008 c6 606K Hanna Korossy
I'll admit, I got a little confused between all the rooms, but I think you did a great job of trying to keep them straight. It was just a complicated story! Creative, though, and interesting, and I liked Rusty a lot. Enjoyable read.

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