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7/26/2009 c15 7allikat5
Don't take this the wrong way but there were multiple times in multiple chapters where the names were wrong . . .
4/15/2009 c15 3246kisses
this is a great story. I felt like i was reading a new york publishers novel. keep up the good work.8P
1/15/2009 c1 vyvrik
i love this! brilliant!
11/9/2008 c4 1Humpaz2210
good chapter, loving it.

will continue to read when i can ok.

11/1/2008 c15 21Edward's Josie Black
Aw! :'(

This was lovely, dear. Beautiful.
11/1/2008 c14 Edward's Josie Black
Aw...:( The emotional turmoil is unhappy. But I love, love, love that you did a sort of epilogue thing in there. It's brilliant.
11/1/2008 c15 wresltefan4
Amazing, brilliant, so incredibly awesome! Freaking excellent! I didn't want it to end this fic was so so good, very intense, great realism and feelings, geeze does it honeslty have to be over? I'm so sad... :( You really are a tremendously brilliant writer. You should try to get something published I'm sure you could (course without using the wreslters as the characters...Vince might not like that lol). This is great!Can't wait to see your next fic! I'm on pins and needles!
11/1/2008 c15 8Animal Luvr 4 Life
This was an awesome story, it was fun to read.
11/1/2008 c14 wrestlefan4
Can't wait to see what happens between Jeff and Cody. I love how realiztic this is. It wasinteresting to add in the books and the movie. This is such an excellent fic, I can't say enough things about it! Yay!
11/1/2008 c13 Animal Luvr 4 Life
I think I would have refrained from seeing the guy who nearly strangled me to death that soon. I hope Beth knows what she is doing.
11/1/2008 c13 wrestlefan4
Yay! Glad to read an update. Great chapter. I have to say that towards the beginning you used the words "emotional intercourse" and I just found that very beautiful. :) ON to the next chapter now. Yay! :D
11/1/2008 c15 162Dark Kaneanite
Awe what sad way to die. And Jeff finally felt fear, but it all tied in to what had happened. Then to see an apparition of Matt, I bet that really would have messed with him if it weren't for the drugs.

And I know I will definately be reading your new one. Loves it hun!
11/1/2008 c13 21Edward's Josie Black
Aww, good! It looks like Beth's going to testify in his favor? Yay! ...although, knowing you, Angel, I shouldn't get TOO happy. XD

Yay, three chapters at once? Amazing!

This one was lovely...which totally wasn't a big surprise at all. .
10/31/2008 c11 Edward's Josie Black
Aww, poor Jeffrey! That's so...crazy! :(

Whoa...Hardycest. O.O At least there was a warning. ^-^

Only one more chappie! Woo!
10/31/2008 c10 Edward's Josie Black
D: OMG...I do sincerely hope Beth doesn't die. That would be so depressing and unhappy. :(

Hmm, yes, what DID Jeffro's brother do?

*continues reading to find out*
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