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7/29/2011 c1 Cailleac

Don't mind me, just reviewing something three years old... it was a really beautiful little story, I really enjoyed it. There isn't enough DiR fanfic available :( the main reason I'm reviewing is to say THANK GOD, someone else who hates that movie. If I was Susan Cooper, heads would be rolling.
5/31/2009 c1 56netrixie
oh, my! Lovely!
3/13/2009 c1 3StubbornTenshi
I loved the style you did this in. It was so different to the usual. It made it really interesting! :D
2/20/2009 c1 A Writer In Progress
Awesome. There needs to be more DiR fic around.

I found a couple of grammatical errors, but nothing huge. This is the sort of Will/Bran I -love- to read. Yay for happy endings!

1/1/2009 c1 2yamanana
You have a good little story! I know what you mean about the small but proud readers of DiR, I think what needs to be done is that a weekly series would be able to recover the name of the dark is rising after the horrible movie! Anyway awesome second story!
11/30/2008 c1 4Arishaa
I love DiR! I'd love to see more fics. Yours was great!
10/15/2008 c1 L'Ananda
YAY! DiR fic for my birthday is awesome.

I do rather enjoy it. Obviously, it was very condensed, and in some ways it suffers from that. It would be nice to continue this with greater detail in the passages. In fact, you may consider writing this in screenplay format - it would work better as scenes, I think.

Anyway, enough rambling from me.

10/14/2008 c1 28Black-Dranzer-1119
Well this is the first DIR fafic I ever read. I just finished reading it yesterday. It was so awesome. I really like this story but what does 'dewin' and 'cariad' mean?
10/14/2008 c1 36LittleLinor
THis was slightly too shrot for my taste, I admit, but very well done. You could have elaborated a bit on the tension in the last part, but... meh, I can't really criticise, because I enjoyed reading this a LOT.

Keep writing ;)
10/13/2008 c1 zooeyglass04
Aw, sweet.

Do you know what it is that I most like about being myself again, Cariad? ... Being myself with you.

That's such a lovely line. I think it rings true for Bran in canon, too, because Will's very much the first person who's taken him on his own terms.


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