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12/18/2013 c5 5PrincessJulius
oooohhh. AAANNNNDDD the adventures into the AVENGERS pants is delayed until further posting...lols. the fifty state stars on his boxers. XD KING! lol. Great. That is great. And alrighty, shite about to go down! can't wait for the update and the action!
12/18/2013 c3 PrincessJulius
Tony ostracizing him like that...not fair! but Steve finds him SO entertaining! lol numb numb fingers can't do anything you know Steve... :P they're cute. and YAY! Tony's back to being himself!
12/18/2013 c2 PrincessJulius
lol. i could totally see King slipping and falling on his ass OR on Steve...waxy floors can be good for some things lol.
12/18/2013 c1 PrincessJulius
This is actually very intriguing to me. Normally NOT a fan of cross overs, LOVING this so far. C: yes...he's basically another Tony in the group lol
6/24/2009 c5 Benzer teh Destroys

uh yeah, i love it ^_^ i can't wait to see some action -wink wink-

5/18/2009 c5 SuperSquash
this story is definitely interesting

i hope you continue it! -puppy dog eyes-
11/16/2008 c1 30Whispering Ranger
I'm terribly sorry about this, but I can't send PM's in six hours yet! XD So, uh... yes, I'm totally wasting a review on answering your PM... I'm a bad, bad person O.o

Well, the idea is like this:

It's a multi-season fic, set in 2005. The idea is based on Shane, Tori and Dustin turning into Psycho Red, Psycho Blue and Psycho Yellow from In Space, only that Psycho Yellow and Psycho Blue change gender, since PY is originally female and PB is originally male.

So, they would attack former Rangers, either kill them or injure them. Then you have a massive Ranger get-together, and they would have to come up with a plan how to stop the three Winds turned Psychos, while the Psychos keep on with their random attacks.

Not sure about the end yet, but I'm thinking that one of them slips out of the hold whoever turned them has on him/her, and manages to escape, injured or un-injured, and that in the end they either manage to save the other two or ends up killing them.

Weird, is it not?

Okay, bye bye! XD

And again, sorry for wasting a review on this _ I feel so bad

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