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10/15/2008 c2 Ninja.Melting.Hydrogen
the flock eed to get 2 max!

great chappie

10/15/2008 c2 xBlackRoses12x
But why a coma? wouldnt something else be better? like...um...i have no ideas now, but there could be something better than a coma. the story is great though
10/15/2008 c2 2Shift-Wing
Wow. This story is really, really, well written.

Sorry for sounding cheesy or whatever, but well done.
10/14/2008 c1 skdjgskghjksdg
Great start!

Please continue writing!
10/14/2008 c1 Ingrid
Awesome plot, and your writing style is fantastic!

Please post the next 3 chapters soon, I am dying to know what happens!
10/14/2008 c1 Ninja.Melting.Hydrogen
good start!

plz post the next chapter

10/14/2008 c1 4KillersXInXIce
I'm enjoying this very much so far. Please update soon!
10/14/2008 c1 2Shift-Wing
I really like your description and adjectives, and and over-all it's really well written.

I also really enjoy the lack of spelling mistakes and crap.

Good Job.
10/14/2008 c1 softindierockr
Very promising start- I'm hooked already! Please post your other chapters soon. See, I reviewed didn't I? ;)

~Lucy D =)
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