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4/16/2010 c17 2TooFabulous
All this time traveling stuff is confusing. I love this story!
4/15/2010 c2 3maxmeb27
WOW! Great job! I always love it when Max gets captured in some way because it adds so much more action! You write very similar to Jame Paterson!(a good thing) i cant wait for more...

yours featherly,

4/15/2010 c25 33flYegurl
YAY! you finally updated! FINALLY! i've been waiting so long! this is a really good fic, you need to update TONS faster :)

and as for what happened to Iggy... how about... well, we know in the future those people came from, Iggy got his sight back and all that but he locked himself away for various reasons including light being too much, etc. but maybe that's just ONE future. how about Max actually does leave before she's supposed to, and so ends up losing blood, almost dying, etc... only since they waited a couple days first, it takes them longer to get to Iggy this time, so Iggy isn't saved, he's hurt... how about, since the future is already changing, this time the surgery didn't work and Iggy didn't get his sight back, so they take him to some top-secret facility and lock him up really deep underground in a fool-proof cell, but take him out intervally to experiment on him and torture him and other various terrible things, so Fang is all like "see, Max, you left anyway and because of it you didn't save Iggy, you doomed him"... sound okay? i hope so, i just spent about five minutes of my precious lifespan coming up with that
4/15/2010 c25 11DigiBleach
Great chapter! I really liked it a lot. And I now have to re-write this b/c of fanfic's stupidness. Anyway... sorry to hear about your friend and your car. I hope things work out between you two.

Moving on to ideas: Yes I'm an Iggy fangirl don't know why. But anyway maybe you should have Iggy have somesort of psychotic mental breakdown to either the Flock or to the scientists in the School. Or both. And another idea is to have him gain some weird ability. Normally I'd be begging someone to make him like psychic aka esp or something but I won't for you. And if you do give him a new power don't let it involve his sight cuz I think people really like doing that (or maybe i'm imagining it) Anyway enhanced vision is what he was suppossed top gain from that experiment so I really don't see it as an ability more so as stated an enhancement. (tell me your opinion of it I'm curious)

Okay to end my rant have a good day and I hope things work out!

From DigiBleach AKA Digi
4/15/2010 c14 cosmicteapots
NO! Don't kill anybody!
4/14/2010 c25 2StandardAngel717
Well, Iggy gets his sight back right? So that should definitely happen but I also think he should freak out a little when it does- like he doesn't like seeing and the only way he can figure things out is to close his eyes so everything is dark again. But in the end, I kind of want him to kick bad guy ass and break out of the school all on his own with his new and improved eyesight ;)

but that's just my opinion.

awesome chapter, can't wait to see what you end up doing for the next one!
4/12/2010 c24 Rah
this stories AMAZING! please update!
4/7/2010 c24 jjjjjj
this is good
3/12/2010 c24 OMG
3/2/2010 c24 1MRFAN
I love your fanfic, it's awesome! So Nikki is Max&Fang's daughter and Zak is Iggy&Ella's son, so who is Jay? Please answer I'm dying to know! And I totally agree with the FANG thing. It's not fair that it wasn't released here either first or at the same time. I can't wait til it does!
3/1/2010 c24 11DigiBleach
I am reall yoving this great job!
3/1/2010 c17 DigiBleach
Wow I love this I've been reading the first 17 chapters nonstop. And that time with fang and the hallucinations was great. lol Anyway I know you have already written a lot more, but I'm guessing that Zak is Iggy's son possiblt Eggy pairing. And the other two Jay and Nikki are Fax pairing. Love this love this love this.
3/1/2010 c24 33flYegurl
ooh, wow. Iggy got kidnapped! FINALLY! you know, i just mean the story's finally progressing to REALLy interesting parts... yay! so exciting!
3/1/2010 c24 O.F.F. Obsessive Fax Freak
Yay! 3rd out of 8 is awesome!

Great chapter! Keep going! I'm excited to see what happens next! -tacklehugs Fang and bounces up and down eagerly- (I'm sorry, I have a little to much energy right now. xD)
2/28/2010 c24 3HelloInfinity
Oh mah gawd. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Frikin Amazing.
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