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1/20/2009 c22 53Kat12739
YAY! Andy! Andy! Andy! He's coming back! *celebrates noisily in a library*

Oh dear, the librarian's shooting me evil looks.

Anyway, back to the chapter, poor Scotty! At least he managed to relieve himself of the guilt he felt.

I'm with Tom; Gordy really is a cutie-pie! One look at the coppertop and amber eyes and what girl wouldn't melt?

So gald Virg would still be able to draw with his right hand. I found that really interesting; I had him pegged as a lefty, like me! But as long as he can draw, I don't care which hand he uses.

It's cold there? Lucky duck! I envy you and you're cold temperature.

See ya Saturday.
1/20/2009 c22 12foryouareanemberintheashes
Yes! New chapter! This is the highlight of the past few days for me. Stupid stomach bug. Well, at least you didn't slip on the driveway. XD Ooh. That was in his arm? Dang! But at least Tom got it out. And at least Gordon's hand is okay. Ha-ha! Gordon got him to go to sleep! And Tom was getting ready to sedate him. XD 'cutie-pie?' -giggle snort- Ah! Scott, you're supposed to stay in bed! Gah, stubborn boy. Hee-hee, Gordon's running into things. Then again he is exhausted. The scene between him and Jeff was awesome. Fluffy and funny. Loved it. And Scott's blaming himself. Typical. But at least he's asleep now, though Jeff and Tom probably won't be happy with where he is sleeping. Phew, when I first read 'we have a problem' I was like, oh no, what's wrong with the boys now?' But it has to do with IR, not with their injuries getting worse. Yay! We're gonna see Andy again! I like him, he's cool. Another awesome chapter my friend. Saturday? Sweet. See you then!

1/20/2009 c22 35jonsmom14
Good job! By the way, I just found out that I'm having a little girl this June!
1/20/2009 c22 err. who am i
Aww, sweet moment between Jeff and Gordon. I know it sounds mean, but I love the clumsy Gordon bumping into this and that. Scott's monologue is awesome since he needs to make peace with all his emotion. He seems pretty settled now which I think should be temporary. I'd rather have he and Virgil themselves resolved those guilt and anger some times later.

Andy's coming? Whoa, umm, is that good news? XD

PS: When will we meet Jennifer again?
1/20/2009 c22 83sammygirl1963
Another wonderful chapter Emily. I have got to say thatI absolutely loved the way that Gordon tried to convince Scott to go to bed, by threating to stay up himself until Scott went to sleep-and it did work-except Scott didn't hold true to his word-but then with all that guilt he needed to get off of his chest-it's no wonder that Scott couldn't sleep. I can only imagine what Tom will think once he gets back in there to the boys and finds Scotty sleeping by Virgil's bed and clasping his hand!

So nice to know that Virgil's arm isn't messed up for good. That would have destroyed him not being able to pla the piano with as much as he loves his muic. Now we just have to hope he comes off of that ventilator soon.

Poor Gordy, he had a time didn't he-first by getting knocked on his bum by running into his dad-and then again by running into the tabel-wow he must have been tired!

Can't wait to see what Andy says once he finds out the three oldest boys are injured-especially Scott.

I'll be eagerly awaiting that next chapter on Saturday!
1/19/2009 c21 7Inkbug
Wonderful job! (As usual!)

Oh dear... from what little I've learned about medical stuff, foreign objects in the body that long are NEVER good. But I suppose we'll just have to wait and see! :D
1/19/2009 c21 4truegold-dragonstar
Hi, sorry I couldn't get to this over the weekend (real life, you know...)

This one's pretty good. I love the Gordon/Scott thing where they're both so wiped out you actually can't tell who's looking after who any more; Gordon sets out to stop Scott hurting himself and ends up with Scott hugging Gordon to reassure him (and blatantly, they will still be there, still leaning on one another and on the point of collapse, for hours if they have to, waiting to be sure Virgil's ok, I don't know why you bother asking...)

I think you need to watch the exposition; check - uh, round about the first or second paragraph, where Tom is thinking to himself about how long it's likely to be before Virgil comes off the ventilator. That reads a bit stilted, like - would he actually explain it to himself in that detail? It reads like it's for us, not for him. The second set, where he's explaining to Gordon about traumatic retraction, reads better because it makes more sense, there's a reason for all that information to be there.

Also, I think this time you've lost the balance slightly; there's a bit too much about Alan. I mean, yes, that bit's funny and fluffy and cute, but it fills almost half the chapter, and it feels a bit too dominant. I think you should either cut down, or maybe slot the infirmary back in at the end just to take the focus back there? Even if nothing much is happening, I think you need the reminder. Maybe you could head for Scott's POV, since we haven't heard from him in a while. I don't want to say what you've done is WRONG; I mean, I know I'm biased and my favourite characters are both in the infirmary, so I'm not entirely sure I'm objective here, but you have now ended two chapters focusing on Alan, and there's really not that much wrong with him that isn't also wrong with every single other character (exhaustion and worry). It would be ok if this was a story about Alan, but the way you've written it is much fairer and more broadly based than that, so it just feels a bit wrong.

Oh, by the way, I should have said, I LOVE the joke about not calling Tom by his name... like all running gags it gets funnier the longer it runs, and this one has been running for - well, how many stories now? ;-D

1/18/2009 c21 10Angel Spirit
Okay, the scene between Alan and Jeff at the very end there was wickedly cute! I couldn't help but go 'aw...' at the end! LOL. *grins sheepishly* sorry I'm reviewing this a bit weekend was pretty hectic and when I opened my inbox tonight and found it there waiting for me, I nearly jumped for joy in my seat ^~v So one Tracy settled in and taken care of...and four more left to go XD why do I have the feeling that Gordon's going to be next, followed by Scott? Scott's gotta pass out from the drug's sooner or later...but Thomas was right when he said he was a stubborn Tracy! Shall we have a vote as to which Tracy boy is the most stubborn of them all...? *muses* I think they'd all tie for that part, one way or the other! Hehe. I love it how Gordon is suddenly the 'big brother' while the rest of his brothers are down and out for the count right now. While Alan's my favorite, Gordon's managed to weasle his way up there as well and now I really do have a soft spot for've definitely let him prove himself in this story in more ways then one! I think after all of this, they all deserve a vacation before Alan has to go back to school ^^"
1/18/2009 c21 10Digi-Girl101

Poor Tracy boys ...

Scotty's all exhausted and extremely worried, Johnny doesn'y even KNOW what's going on, Virgil's very sick, Gordy's acting like big brother to all of his brothers (since he's like the only one who's NOT sick) and Alan's basicly trying not to have a panic attack.
1/18/2009 c21 eeb bee loves to read
Hey im loving the tracy brotherly love.

and i feel soo bad for poor Virg and Johnny and his fear for needles..

but cant wait for the next update! :)
1/18/2009 c21 McHammy
A nice fluffy chapter for the weekend. Lets see, John seems okay and he's resting. Alan has finally gone to bed and is also resting. Why doesn't Dr Tom fix up Gordon's hand so that poor boy can go to bed and get some much needed rest? I've given up on the idea of Scott ever sleeping again! Jeff still seems to be taking the fact of three injured sons rather calmly. And lastly Virgil, open wound + foreign body just screams INFECTION! to me! You wouldn't be so cruel would you Little Miss B? But then again, think of the angst! Can't wait to see what direction you take. Monday would be good for the next chapter.
1/17/2009 c21 1NightRise

Great... chapter :p

When is Virgil misfortunes going to end...


I' ll be back..

Quote -Terminator-

haha lol
1/17/2009 c21 6JourneyoftheLost
I know I have said this before, but it is still true. I love Tom!
1/17/2009 c21 montogma
great chapter!Loved the gordon/john and gordon/scott scenes they were so cute!Tom was great as usual. So were jeff and alan. Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/17/2009 c21 Cutiepie2191
Another amazing chapter! Keep up the good work:)
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