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10/22/2009 c19 13PurpleBlaze
It's a good turn of fate that they just happen to have a doctor on the island when Brains and Virgil are both out for the count. Lovin' it so far!
8/28/2009 c25 SurviveEternity
Ok, breath...Breath...*Tries to control her laughter and fails* Gordon! Y-You bad bad boy! Don't d-do things like that to your f-father! THAT IS SO FUNNY!
8/6/2009 c2 SurviveEternity
*Laughs, and laughs, and laughs* I cannot-HA!-Stop laughing about the-HAHAHAHHA!-About the scene with John going from the ceiling to the floor is so funny!
6/14/2009 c26 204Loopstagirl
me again! what can i say, i'm sitting here with this huge grin on my face after finishing yet another of your amazing stories. I'm starting to run out of compliments. This was another amazing one!

on to the next...:)
6/4/2009 c26 69zeilfanaat
Woohoo, finally caught up again. Had a hectic schedule for a while, then the alerts for this story just got pushed to the bottom of the list, and I just now managed to dig them up again.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

Thanks for sharing!

5/26/2009 c26 xDivashell24x
Wow totally loved this story! There were so many gripping moments! :-)
3/27/2009 c26 Karma22
I really gotta tell you, of all the Thunderbird writers, you are by far one of the best ones. I really enjoy reading all of your stories. they are really well written and well thought out. Good work. I can't wait to read another one. I noticed that you have done stories where the brothers have all been injured. But what about Dad? Or Fermat? Have you thought about doing on where they get hurt?
3/5/2009 c26 14lissysue85
Wow what a brilliant ending to an amazing story. I have absoluetely adored this one and I think its my fave to be honest but then you know I love Virge.

This was such a sweet chapter with some great little funny moments in it too. I love Tom and Andy they are just so funny together.

The scene between Virgil and Alan was so sweet. I love the way Virge knew he was there before saying anything and how he talked to Alan. I can just see him doing that.

This was a brilliant chapter and you captured the feelings of all the characters brilliantly. Your writing is amazing and so full of detail and emotion. I love reading your stories. Keep it up honey you are amazing. Love ya honey.
3/1/2009 c26 21Cip
When I first started reading this fic a few hours ago I immidiatly categorised it as 'best thunderbirds fancic I've read in a long time'. As I eagerly read through the chapters I realised that this definition needed revising, and I've now mentally refiled this story under 'one of the best fics ever.' Considering I'm a fanfic junkie and read millions of these things of all fandoms, that's saying something!

Also, I realise this is probably a little late now, but I'm sincerely sorry about your Gran, and you have my deepest condolences.
2/18/2009 c26 eeb bee loves to read
hey i loved the ending...allies going to skool and everything...virg is finally better...johnny is back on his 'baby' and everyone is getting better :)

sad to see it end but cant wait fo the next story :) and others to come

thanks for another great story :)
2/15/2009 c26 3BlueEyedAlchemist

cant wait 2 see what else you come out with ^.-
2/15/2009 c26 McHammy
Oh no! the last chapter - tell me it isn't so!

I'd hate to be Alan, having to leave his family and go back to school, still worrying about them, but he has grown up.

So glad you didn't dwell too much on the healing process, we all knew they were going to get better.

Virgil with a "Goofy grin" hard to imagine - bless him, back on his favourite piano.

I loved the banter between the brothers its just so typical. A lovely fluffy ending between Scott and Virgil. What can I say AWESOME!
2/14/2009 c26 53Jimmy Candlestick
2/14/2009 c26 151Fiona12690
Heya Babe,

What a great ending to a fabulous story! I love the constant caring Alan has for all of his brothers. I love the way you keep me entertained and hanging on to your stories with just the mere thought that something worse could go on in them. Your a great writer and I'm glad to have you as a friend.

You know I cannot wait for the next story and I hope there's Alan torture. 'Giggles' I'm so mean, but still he is an easy target. I need another Virgil/Alan fic they are just so fun to Read and Write. I would like to see Alan come back for his weekend in October and Virgil teach him much more medical stuff. Of course we need for Jenny, Tom and Andy to come back to the island for another vacation and you know they could be in Brains' lab and accidently knock over something dangerous that was being tested and they have to become infected by whatever was being tested.

I would love to see all of that and more! That is my challenge to you!

Tell your grandmother that i'm praying for her and I hope she's comfortable.

Love ya laters, XOXOXOXOXOXO

2/14/2009 c26 72criminally charmed
You do anything truly bizarre?


But you have learned how to use your spell check oh-so-well, so with the exception of your cheek showing (how I will from now one refer to your British misuse of the English language, LOL), I found no errors or faux paux in the end of the tale.

The moments with John and Alan followed by the Virgil and Alan were wonderfully touching. And Jeff's musing on his wife's final gift to him was so sweet. I loved the humor and warmth of your stories (Family Fluff so rules!) and this was another shining example of it in action.

I am anxiously awaiting the next story, one shots do have their moments...Now, I know you have lots on your plate but do well in your studies, take care of your Grams and know that you are always in my prayers. I will drop you a line soon. Take care...


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