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2/14/2009 c26 37black4minister
truly bizarre? well now thats a sure way to get us all interested, sounds like the next one-shot will be great.

i have absolutly loved following this story and it has been brightening my days through what, to be honest, has been a quite hard time for our family, not that i can really complain, as i see you dealing with worse. but it has really been a pleasure to read and i'm so glad you kept writing.

other then that there's nothing to say but thank you again, and that i cant wait for the next story.

p.s. i call my sis munchkin but she is older then me, i'm the youngest of the four of us, i just call everyone funny names ;-p
2/14/2009 c26 1NightRise
thanks for the great story!

hope you got another sequel on the way..

& happy Velentine day


2/14/2009 c26 4truegold-dragonstar
Well, Alan definitely got one thing right - geeks are the best!

Lovely chapter, actually - nice and calm, relaxed, a sort of sweet quiet note to finish on. In a couple of places it's a little bitty - there's a slight sense of you jumping around because you have to get every character in somewhere - but it's not really much of an issue, and it's nice to have the piano come back a couple of times to add some coherency.

I think Alan comes across as reassured a bit too easily; I mean, what Virgil tells him can't be anything he hasn't thought of, so I don't know that he would actually feel that much better that quickly. I actually thought when Alan said that he had to talk to Virgil that you were going to take us right back to the beginning of the story, where of course Alan was being annoyed because Virge was going over protective on him, and have them look at that from the other side, where it's Alan freaking out over Virgil, not the other way round... I mean, it's fine the way it is, I just feel it might have been satisfying to tie the ending back into the beginning.

I enjoyed the whole thing very much, so thank you for writing. I'm sure I'll see you around!
2/14/2009 c26 2SilverRoseThorns
Hey Bump!

That was a great story i can't wait for your one-shot. I love the ending it was so sweet and cute.

2/13/2009 c26 Cutiepie2191
Great ending! I definitely cannot wait to read more from you! Keep up the good work:)
2/13/2009 c26 83sammygirl1963
Awesome ending to the story Emily. Just about everything is perfect on Tracy Island once again-tho I feel sorry for Alan because of having to go back to school. It's obvious he' worried that soemthing will happen while he's gone-and after what he witnessed, who can blame him.

Wow, I'm surprised Jeff let John go back up to Thunderbird five so soon after how badly he was concussed-but then that Is Johnny' life isn't it!

Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to those oneshots and short sotries my friend!
2/13/2009 c26 Pony Girl-Sakura
I loved this whole story.

Glade to here your grandmother is having a good week.

I look forword to more storys from you
2/13/2009 c26 Shuba del Dragon
I love this chapter and this Fanfic.

This is both, happy and sad, sad because it ended here and happy because we will have a new fanfic.

Oh... I'm happy to inform you that I passed my block and I have started to write again, but I'm not sure f I will be able to make long chapters, at least not as long as yours.

Take care

2/13/2009 c26 7Inkbug
You've done an amazing job writing this fanfic, despite all of the pressure you that you have been under in the past few weeks.

It's a wonderful story, and the last chapter did an amazing job of tying everything together. I can't wait to read more fanfiction by you! :D
2/13/2009 c26 53Kat12739
Aww! That's really cute! I'm really sad it's over now.

This was a wonderul story, from start to finish, and I loved every chapter.

My favourite parts were:

John eating Scott's peanut butter cup (Have no idea of what they are, but it sounds amusing.)

Jeff and the whole 'old man' banter

and, last but not least... my favourite lines,

"Our little Thunderbird's growing up fast, huh?" Scott stated softly, watching the object in the distance as it grew fainter.

Gordon nodded his head in agreement, his gaze still fixed on the blue sky that stretched out before them.

"Yup, he sure is. We're monumentally screwed."

Hee-hee, made me laugh. Looking forward to your next one-shot.

Kat ;)
2/13/2009 c26 6JourneyoftheLost
That was a really good final chapter. I can't wait to read more of your stories. :)
2/13/2009 c26 SN1983
Awesome story! I can't wait for your next one! You really make me wish I had siblings, although I doubt normal siblings have the relationship you give the Tracy 5.

By the way, if the story's over, you forgot to mark it as "complete". LOL!

Until Next Time!
2/13/2009 c26 10Digi-Girl101

I loved this sotry.. it's just soo. gahh you're a fabulous auther : )
2/13/2009 c26 14UltimateOptimist
A brilliant end to a brilliant story! I love this fic, thanks for writing it! Can't wait to read the oneshots :D xx
2/13/2009 c26 20themusicain
nice one! i really enjoyed reading this, and was contantly looking forward to your update. i especially love the banter you have going between the characters, it always makes me chuckle!

looking forward to reading your next story
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