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for Sympathetic Fire

1/24/2013 c2 8Starman800
good story, you should follow up with who shot him and why? If SRU was on the scene then nobody should have fired or even had there gun out maybe...
6/7/2012 c2 2ladybrin
This was good and I am glad thatyou ended this fio the way that you did- good job- we just need more fics- - esp. Greg Parker centered fics- teehee
3/18/2012 c2 22Angelinsydney
Cute story.
7/15/2010 c2 132Lazerwolf314
My gosh, please update! ^.^
4/15/2010 c2 JuliettVictor
curling, love it! Laughed out loud as soon as I read that word. Ha Ha
4/23/2009 c2 unknown
Nice! Wordy is the best! could we have more plane old dialog please?
4/19/2009 c2 TheseAreTheDaysWorthLiving
Loved it! Great great story! The Team is wonderful, and you wrote them very well! They're really a family! =)
10/18/2008 c2 101Justicerocks
Ya! Wordy's ok, I'm so glad you didn't kill him. I loved this chapter, can't wait for the next one.
10/18/2008 c2 49roxypony
Aw, seems me and Sam disagree on favourite sports :( cuz horseback riding owns everything! some people may not consider it to be a sport, but, screw them, eh? anyway before I take a spaz, that was an awesome story! write more like it ;)
10/17/2008 c1 15SarahKathryn
no! don't kill'em!

altho, it would be rather interesting to see how you'd write it if you did...
10/15/2008 c1 49roxypony
Aww poor Wordy! Hes such a sweet guy. Very well written. UPDATE! please ;)
10/15/2008 c1 mel
i love spike :D hes my fav. but wordy is one of my favs too i must say. :D i love the episode that showed him and his wife at the end. so sweet. i hope you dont kill him off. lol thanks and great story so far!
10/15/2008 c1 101Justicerocks
No! You can't kill Wordy! Loved the chapter update soon pleae

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