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6/11/2015 c1 elita-three
I knew Rodimus would turn out to be a great commander and family man. Firebird is a real sweetheart and reminds me of a little girl I once knew.
1/24/2009 c14 4NinjaDP
...Aw, how exciting. This was a cute chapter. Please continue! :)
1/14/2009 c13 nobodysgirl88
nice^_^ sorry if i didn't review, shcool really keeps me occupied...good luck on them
1/14/2009 c13 Cman710
This is a good story, but I do suggest spacing. It's very hard to read since a new paragraph doesn't start after a character talks. But either way, good so far. Just a suggestion.
1/14/2009 c13
a cute
1/9/2009 c1 NinjaDP
...oh, can't wait!

By the way, Happy belated new year! :)
12/6/2008 c10 NinjaDP, that was nice of Firebird to help out.

Rodimus has got his hands full now. (haha, wait I shouldn't laugh...) *slaps hand with metal ruler* X.X

Great chapter! Continue! :)

(Thanks for explaining the 'interface' thing. Didn't quite get that in the first chap.)
12/6/2008 c10 XeroXin, that was nice of Firebird to help out.

Looks like Rodimus has got his hands full now. (haha, wait i shouldn't laugh.) *slaps hand with ruler* X.X ...

Great chapter! :)

(thanks for explaining the 'interface' thing. I didn't quite get that in the first chap.)
11/29/2008 c9 NinjaDP
...after reading all the chapters, i gotta say 'WOW'.

This story is incredible! What interests me is the way it's written, very different from what i've been used to! Diversity is what makes the world interesting. Please do continue with this story! I want to know what happens next!
11/29/2008 c9 throughoutwinter
a cute
11/27/2008 c8 throughoutwinter
a sadness must eat ice cream
11/24/2008 c8 nobodysgirl88
Whoa! If I'm were a femme and somebody did that to me..I gonna smack it in all parts like there's no tomorrow and turn it into tincan for disposal! No exception for guardians and friends! I dont like bad jokes!(Nobody does that to me and gets away with even if they apologize!hump!) giggles! ^_^ hehehehe
11/17/2008 c7 nobodysgirl88
My favorite femme's are here!^_^ Arcee and Chromia! (I'm hpoing for Elita One!snickers!I hope so!)
11/16/2008 c6 joy the irsih nut
a write more
11/15/2008 c6 nobodysgirl88
NICE!^_^! I'm already hooked on this story! Next chap! please.
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