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9/23/2018 c44 2Prince-Wind
Wooow I really was right since the beginning ! xD

I saw that coming, the first sabotage of Yoshi being exacty what I expected from the Molesubtile, efficient, only Wario could realize this. However, the fact that he sabotage almost every challenges was an amazing surprise. Even if I pinpoint many of his sabotages, I also thought he did well on some challenges. I was sooo wrong lol. It was a super Mole !

I'm so glad Vivian won this in the end, that's the perfect ending for this story. It's fun how some players got executed because of her, personnally she never was a suspect of mine. That's maybe why she would have been a good Mole after all !

I'll say it again, but Luvbi was definitely the most interesting character of the cast. She was a nice character, with a nice strategy, even if I think she did a mistake when she saved Vivian from the execution, by telling her who the Mole was.

Anyway, it was again a very well-rounded story, congratulations for that. I'll of course read your third season, so we'll meet again here !
9/16/2018 c38 Prince-Wind
Let' do a last revuew before the grand finale !

First of all, the last challenge was great and well rounded. I'm familar with the concept, but I really loved all theses interactions between the rooms. My favorite thing was Vivian being the most valuable player here, that was nice !

The Mole didn't do they job on this challenge, it was really easy to prevent the team from winning without being suspect. I'm sure they help the team on purpose, to end the game on a victory.

My suspect is still Yoshi, and when I read all the sabotages I have seen trough the game, I must say I'm really confident about it.

Of course, I'm looking for Vivian's victory, which would be the best possible outcome for me. I stop my review here, I'm too exited now xD
9/4/2018 c33 Prince-Wind
So here it is, the final execution ! To be honest, I didn't know at all what would be the outcome. And... well, I'm not happy nor sad, but I really liked Luvbi. She was a good player, very smart and sometimes selfish, she spiced the game.

The same apply to Wario (for the spices at least lol), finally I kind of like him to. And Vivian being my favorite, I knew this execution couldn't end up well. Yoshi could have been a good alternative... if he wasn't my prime suspect.

This episode didn't change my suspects list at all. We'll see if I was right in the next and final episode ! Wario is my second suspect, but I don't think he's the Mole.

I really liked the fact that Vivian had an important role during the Sacred Pot, she really shined in this episode. Hope it will be the same during the next one, she's smarter than it seems !
6/23/2018 c28 Prince-Wind
Another surprising execution, I really thought Vivian would be executed !

Goombella's execution make me think that Wario is not the Mole. She was one of my suspects only for the roller coaster challenge, because Wario or her were the only possible responsibles for this sabotage. But... if it was the case, and Wario really was the Mole, Goombella should have know it. Maybe Goombella really thought Wario was the Mole, and get executed because he was not. It would also explain why Wario was so surprised when she got her Red Light.

In any case, I really like you're first challenge ! Of course I understood the true meaning of this challenge at the very begining, I was like "COME ON YOSHI, GIVE YOUR CARD TO VIVIANbut in French) xD

But the Mole didn't have any reason to do this. With this execution, Yoshi come back to the first position of my suspects list. He was the first responsible of this failurein his jail, he was the first to explode, and prevent the team from thinking. Since he wasn't the first to push the button in the end, he was safe from any suspicion, which would be well done if he is the Mole.

For the last challenge, mmh... I don't know how the Mole could sabotage. I mean... We can't said the money won by Goombella really are lost, since... they're not.

That's all for this time ! My list is now :

1. Yoshi
2. Wario
3. Vivian
4. Luvbi

(I would be positively surprised if Luvbi is revealed as the Mole)
6/8/2018 c22 Prince-Wind
(I don't understand how I send my previous comment, but hey, that's a free review for you xD)

I have less difficulties to suspect Wario because he did many sabotages through the game, even if he wasn't one of my suspect. To be honest, I though he would be executed during one of the first episode, so I'm really surprised that he still here. And it's a good surpriseI don't really like Wario in Mario's games, and in most of the fictions I read, Wario never was an important character. In this fiction, I think Wario is really interesting, and he's quite fun to read some times. Still not routing for him tho. x)

My list of suspects is now :

1. Wario
2. Goombella
3. Yoshi
4. Vivian
5. Luvbi

I don't suspect Luvbi at all for some reasons. She never was on my list, and the roller coaster challenge confirm it.

I still have doubta on Yoshi, it's hard to forgot my prime suspect just for one stupid challenge. Maybe there is an explication for the roller coaster, and Yoshi's really the Mole ? Or maybe I'm just too obstinate !

Oh and I have nothing to say for Vivian, she was in the roller coaster, so maybe ? Or maybe not, I have nothing against her.
6/8/2018 c22 Prince-Wind
So Bobbery wasn't the Mole... not really surprising ! He never was on my list.

This episode, Goombella did several strange actions, particulary during the photo challenge. I still have some difficulties to suspect her, but since the last episode with the roller coaster, I feel obligated to suspect her and Wario.

I have less difficulties to suspect Wario, because he did many
5/25/2018 c17 Prince-Wind
To be honest, I'm glad that Diddy is finally gone. I didn't like him in this fiction (which is not a bad thing), even if he was an interesting character.

He also was my second suspect after Yoshi, so... Yoshi is now my only suspect ! Or is he ? After the roller coaster challenge, I'm totally confused. The Mole was obviously in the roller coaster group, so... Luvbi and Yoshi can't be the Mole ? I still have doubts, because you just throw two characters out of suspicions.

Wario and Gombella are, of course, really suspicious now. If the roller coaster thing was a sabotage, then one the two is the Mole. I will keep an eye on them during the next episode.

Sorry for the short review, I read this episode one month ago so I kind of... forgotten most of the things I wanted to say. xD
4/25/2018 c13 Prince-Wind
What the... ? Is Wendy really gone ? No way... How could you ? xD

This execution was the most impredictible and the worst in my opinion. Not only Wendy was one of my favorite, but she also was a good suspect and a good character. It's hard to believe that she's really gone.

I thought Diddy or Luvbi would be executed after Luvbi's last action, but it's also more realistic that this action didn't affect the game after all.

So after this execution, Yoshi is my last suspect. When we look at this episode, we can see that he sabotage again, for exemple during the BLT challenge when he crushed tomatoes, being the only responsible of lose of money in this challenge.

And I also seen a strange thing during the next challengebefore Diddy's failure, he talked to Yoshi, who said something strange, like "jump one second after the moment you want to jump". Maybe this is why Diddy failed his part ?

Diddy also become my second suspect, because he also sabotaged both challenges of this episode. In the other hand, the others didn't do anything suspicious, so I don't really suspect them.

My favorite is now Vivian, but the principal reason is the fact that I like her in the game she appeared in. I think she is a bit invisible in this fiction, like Rosalina. I hope she will do more things in the next episode !
3/29/2018 c9 Prince-Wind
Rosalina's departure didn't surprised me at all. She was really transparent in this game, I didn't suspected her. Maybe just a little bit for the last challenge, when she said her group should bring the basket's pole at the boat, which were impossible. The name of the group was Volley-All, which is close to "Ball", so maybe they had to bring the ball ? That's the only suspicious thing I had against Rosalina.

While I write about suspicious things, I thought it was really odd from Wendy to beg for the Dolphin figurine, just after getting the blue coin from the guy. There was no way he would accept, so with her action, she made Goombella made a mistake. It was of course strange from Goombella to break the rules, but it's also a little too obvious if she's the Mole. I'm more interested in Wendy's action, more subtiles.

Yoshi is still on my list, he had a good opportunity to sabotage the table and could be the only responsible of this mess. I also seen a possible clue pointing on him, in the beggining of the next chapter. And of course, I still remember his sabotage in the very first challenge, I can't forget that !

So my two only suspects are Yoshi and Wendy. I don't really suspect the others for now, but maybe things will change in the next chapter. Everyone have at least one suspicious action in their curriculum, so everyone is still in my list !

By the way, that was a nice episode again, the party challenge was really fun ! Oh and, it finally happened, I dislike one of your characterDiddy. Well done. xD

My favorite is probably Wendy, but not as much as Toadette un the previous season.
3/24/2018 c5 Prince-Wind
When Boo was announced to be the expert of the game, I knew he will not be the winner. But the first executed ? No way ! That's a surprise.

During the first season, I wasn't fan of the belonging challenge, it's something that, I thing, shouldn't be put at risk. It's a game, so losing personal items is... out of context ? I don't know if it make sense in English. xD So when I see that this time, players really lose their belonging... well, uh. I don't really like it.

That's why I can't blame Bobbery and Gombella for cheating, by bringing bags two bags at a time. I think I would did the same. And Luvbi, what a bitch ! Seriously. xD

I don't think these three are the Mole, or at least I don't suspect them for their actions this time. Wendy is a little higher in my list, even if Luvbi bitched her hard. She cost many coins to the team by doing nothing, and her actions were less genuine than the others in my opinion (she let many bags sink).

I didn't see sabotages from the three other groups, or at least nothing pstrange. I still suspect Yoshi for the previous mission, but that's all. He did a good job in this one.

I think the Mole is more likely in the group who didn't jump during the first challenge, including Yoshi and Wario who messed up with the combination. Yoshi is still my first suspect.
3/20/2018 c1 Prince-Wind
Here we go for the second season ! Usually I comment only at the end of each episode, but I make an exception for this first chapter.

This first challenge is interesting, I like the fact that jumping add money to the pot, but also make the second part of the challenge more difficult. I think the Mole used this aspect of the game to sabotage.

My prime suspect is Yoshi. First, I think the title of this season is a clue: Saboteur's Island... Yoshi's Island... maybe there is a connection ? And second, the way he give the combination to Wario is a total nonsense. He put the digits in the wrong order, and then give the position of the digit in the combination. I mean, wow, what a great first sabotage. Only Wario can see it, and he can't really blame Yoshi since he give him the good combination... And this sabotage resulted in Wario forgetting the correct order. It's really subtle, yet efficient, 10 000 coins lost just by confusing Wario...

Well, maybe it wasn't intentional, but Yoshi will stay at the top of my list for a long moment for sure.
1/10/2018 c36 Joey Clarke
So if they succeed the winner will win £288,000 if they fail the mole wins £292,000 awesome this may be close this time
1/10/2018 c23 Joey Clarke
Oh my fucking God the players are in deep shit now
1/9/2018 c17 Joey Clarke
Wow execution roulette is even intense than a bribery being offered
1/9/2018 c9 Joey Clarke
Yes the team is in the lead with £50,000 I knew the team could win the challenges
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