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10/6/2013 c2 1I Have Left Fanfiction Good By
I was just like ohhhh a puppy, cat maybe? NO A BIKE! SERIOUSLY! THAT WAS SO FUNNY AND RANDOM! I LOVED IT! I love your stories. I have favorites 3 of the 4 of them, and you as a favorite author.
7/12/2011 c49 kitkatlang
I loved this story(and the first one too) you made an amazing story keep writing!
3/29/2010 c51 1Deleted53926
AH! i love the ending of the story~ I love the WHOLE story! (original, and sequel!)
1/6/2010 c51 3Athena Dragonseeker21
I loved this story and the one that was before it.
10/21/2009 c48 Parisa
awesome story! :D
7/10/2009 c3 1horsegirl1423
this is really funny!
7/6/2009 c50 2Doctor Jazzie
Tha best yay!
7/6/2009 c50 11You-won't-see-an-iguana-here
aw, that was so good. i'll miss this story. sob great job!
7/5/2009 c50 15horsejumper127
omg this is amazing! this really tied everything up 3 thank you!
7/1/2009 c50 4Mew-Mew-Fan08
Cute little epilogue. =] I like the whole quilt think, that sounds like a wonderful idea. And the Jessica and Lauren part cracked me up. =]

Good job!
7/1/2009 c50 snshine09
yay! loved the stories. loved the ending. great job.
6/29/2009 c50 Jocelynlynn
Very nicely done. that was great. Thank you for the Phil information and the art project was awesome. Thank you for writing these stories.
6/28/2009 c50 2flower123
nice ending she got what she wanted
6/20/2009 c49 Fluoradical
i really like the story its really interesting with all the cliffhangers
6/19/2009 c32 Fluoradical
luv the story so far its awesome
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