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10/24 c14 John Nicholas Bendix
That was great. And, in my personal opinion, better than the movie. Mostly because the entire crew came out alive. And the 18 victims from the Borg was nice as well.
10/15 c14 Stacey
I don’t know why but I was expecting Simon to ask Picard if he and River can go with him.
3/30 c14 Superbeau
I've read this a half dozen times or more and it's brilliant each and every time. One of my all time favorites on this site. Thank you so much for crafting this wonderful story!
3/23 c14 2SpicyArbiter
That was a god damn episode an you can’t convince me otherwise
3/20 c9 40ordinaryguy2
I'm really enjoying this story. Especially the surprise in culture reveals. The interaction between characters. Just wondering where it is all going to go because with Q involved, anything is possible. I'll be sure to mention this story to a few people I know.
7/12/2020 c14 17Kalima
Had an urge for Star Trek, Firefly and Reavers and man did this fic do the job. Thank yo!.
1/3/2020 c14 Marshmallow Arkl
i've read this story maybe five or six times now and it is still brilliant
i would love to see this translated into a graphic novel at some point
as the pacing and narrative would be appreciated by so many others
12/15/2019 c14 suzumiyaharuhi1
Wow this is really a ns piece of work! Also, allow me to give you a suggestion on the whole Mandarin thing, just use Chinese letters instead of pingyin already, OTHERWISE IT'S LIKE READING ALL CAPS!
11/18/2019 c14 8JonHarper
This was magnificent. Everything felt right. And I understand why Q did what he did. I don't commend it, but I understand the necessity of why he forced Picards hand.
9/10/2019 c6 misteryman526
Okay, I can see why you'd want to throw in some Mandarin for Firefly universe authenticity, but wouldn't the Universal Translators have just converted it to Federation Standard while on the Enterprise?
6/18/2019 c14 Rick Slansky1
I thought this was quite good. I could see it as the basis for a limited series comic book.
2/5/2019 c14 6shamour
What an amazing story!
1/20/2019 c14 5quoththeraven5
This story was lovely, I enjoyed every minute of it :)
1/12/2019 c11 6swartzvald
Love this story. Rereading it for the third time. Kinda wish we got to see more of the crews interacting before getting all serious, but I can see wanting to get to the action asap.
12/13/2018 c14 scott mantooth
i realize this was written over 10 years ago but i have to say: Fēicháng lìng rén yìnxiàng shēnkè loved how you were able to think and speak in the mannerisms of the Serenity crew and how natural the exchanges with both crew were...also knew that Guinan would be a part of this and would have a unique bond with River... i honestly think this story should be translated to a graphic novel...i'd be one of the first to pre-order it
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