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6/3/2009 c1 22azab
i liked it
3/16/2009 c1 16JenBurch
*sobs* *gasps* *cries*

This was just heart wrenching!

And, for me, it was Dean's grief :( OMG! *wails* Fix it! Make him better!

12/23/2008 c1 77sweetysmart0505
Aw, that was really well written!
11/22/2008 c1 34bhoney

I'm sorry about your friend. *hug*
10/22/2008 c1 86supernaturalsammy67
AW such an in-depth and spot on feeling too

i know what you mean there hun-

really nice use of language

your a really great author x

thanks for the happy read xx
10/20/2008 c1 12NC Girl
Really nice job. I definitely got that overall anxious feeling of someone in the later stages of grief. Great job.
10/20/2008 c1 91Muffy Morrigan
What an awesome little snippet sis! I loved it to pieces! *huge hug*

Five freshly waxed, lovingly detailed Impalas with a Dean in need of a hug inside.
10/20/2008 c1 64TraSan
There's some powerful emotions tied up in this little bit of space. Well done.
10/20/2008 c1 134Soncnica
"Grief was grief and no matter how it came on it wasn’t going to bring his brother back to him."

10/20/2008 c1 12Orange Autumn
Aw, sadness! Yes! I absolutely love reading about any stories centering around Sam's time by himself and how he handled it. I wish someone would write a story about how Sam got through the four months. I'm tempted to write it myself, but I have such bad self-esteem. xD Maybe I will though, haha.

Great job with this drabble! Seriously, one of my favorites.
10/19/2008 c1 6lovinandrew
My Condolences my friend.

And you captured the feelings exactly in my opinion.

Good job mate

10/19/2008 c1 50J.A. Carlton
Wow... very touching nana. Very touching. *sniff niff*

10/19/2008 c1 bia1007
This is exactly how it feels, you're never prepared and it hurts like hell to lose somebody you love; think it is Sam, but this goes for all of us, loved it, thank you for writing!
10/19/2008 c1 174Mad Server
Ow. Poor Sam. I'm assuming this is Sam between Seasons 3 and 4. That must have been a really awful adjustment for him to make, the adjustment to Dean's real and final absence. Well. Or what would have been. I wonder how he handled it.

Sorry about your friend.
10/19/2008 c1 InSecret
Oh ouch. Lovely though. Very truthful too, does kind of work like that. Poor boys. Awesome drabble :)
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