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12/7/2017 c39 33lily moonlight
Loved it :D Thank you for posting this. I love how you write these two, and all the little intimacies between them. Perfect.
2/27/2011 c38 lily moonlight
Great :) Thanks for the update on this story! Hope to see more soon.
2/23/2011 c38 98theicemenace
This and the last chapter were sweet. Too bad they didn't get together in the series. Sigh...
12/21/2010 c36 33lily moonlight
Thanks for updating this, I really enjoyed seeing another chapter. And I love Mac in Black :D Great writing, more soon please!
12/20/2010 c36 10LindsC33
I am so glad you are back with a new chapter. I absolutely love this series. So sweet and so true of Mac and Stella. I hope you update again soon.
12/20/2010 c36 rocksmacked
It's great chapter.. love it.. It's cute..
12/19/2010 c36 56BAUMember
Loved this chapter was very cute and i cant wait to read more.
8/7/2010 c35 rocksmacked
Oh no! It's can't be! Mac cannot break up with her! why?
8/7/2010 c35 98theicemenace
Oh, he is NOT breaking up with her!
5/23/2010 c34 rocksmacked
That's good chapter! Love it!
5/22/2010 c34 33lily moonlight
Really liked it :) Glad to see another chapter of this posted.
5/5/2010 c33 rocksmacked
AW.. I like end is cute... Well, it's really belated merry christmas to Mac and Stella... :) Anyway.. That's good story!
3/2/2010 c32 8Ditte3
Oh,it1s so heartbreaking,yet great.
3/1/2010 c32 rocksmacked
WOW... that's beautiful story!
1/24/2010 c31 98theicemenace
Men! They love the sex but are clueless about love most of the time. And it seems that Mac Taylor, the hunkiest of all the CSI's, isn't any different.

I'm sure they will be fine. Maybe one day we will find that TPTB at CBS will do a Grissom and Sara on us and we'll find that they have been...intimate for quite a while now.

Good story. Awaiting the next one.
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