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for Storm Hawks : Heavy Nuclide

11/23/2008 c10 34Flame Soldier
Found you! Hehe. :D This is Bassclarinetgal from deviantart. I thought the title looked familiar, and now here it is on fanfiction.

Yep, you already know that I love this story, but I'll say it again anyways: Love this story!
11/15/2008 c9 18Mimic12355
I'm liking it so far. The plot, the suspense, the fact that junko is currently in a state of total agony and pain is keeping me at the edge of my seat. Hope to see more.
10/30/2008 c5 SHimmortaldeviantart
Good this is good! I can't wait for the next part! keep it up you're doing great!
10/29/2008 c4 SHimmortaldeviantart
GIMME MORE! I WANT MORE LOL. Oh this is great keep it up!
10/27/2008 c1 SHimmortaldeviantart
This is so frikkin awesome I can't wait for the next part I'd like it tobe like super long, yet done in a day lol...keep it up you are very good and this story is awesome! I just love Radarr so much.(btw I read the full first story and i loved it so much)

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