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for My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate

4/29/2012 c10 XcarletRose123
I DEMAND A SEQUAL! This story is too good to be stopped! Even though the ending wasn't what I expected or hoped for, it deserves a sequal and a complete explanation. The setting can even be set after graduating from Hogwarts! And if you do make a sequal some time soon, make sure Draco always wears the necklace he gave her. Even if she did throw it back in his face...either way, good luck!
4/29/2012 c9 NefeliMalfoy
There are many muggleborns marrying or being together with purebloods.Snape loved Lilly and died protecting her child.Draco is not a coward.He would not listen to anyone because he was IN LOVE!You fight with oyur life for love.And this ending was not so suitable as i think that Draco is really brave and would have followed his feelings.So next time please write at the begging 'probably sad ending' so that i will not watse so many days and read a Dramione with a happy ending.
3/28/2012 c10 Guest
2/21/2012 c10 12dwightkurtschrute
You are a very talented writer, and I admire your style very much. However, I must agree with some of the other reviewers when they say that THIS ENDING SUCKS ASS. If Draco really loved her, he wouldn't have let his father's threats and his friends' opinions get in the way. I was really hoping that he would just man up and tell her he loved her in front of everyone. This review would've been a lot more positive if that were the case. I hope you learn from this mistake, because I think that you've found a niche in writing. But next time you write something like this, mark it as tragedy or say something about an UNHAPPY ENDING in the summary so I'll know NOT to read it.
2/21/2012 c10 TheSlytherinPrincess666
Honestly, I hated it. I know it fits. But I fell in love with them. I think that no matter how much that can be seen as what would happen, it just, people don't read

Dramione for truth. They read it because they want some good fights, some forbidden love, a bad boy whose really good under it all, and most of all they

want against all odds, for it to work.

It was a realistic ending but people don't read for real life, they read to escape real life. Because they HATE real life. Sorry, I guess I'm getting personal, I just

as much as I write weird endings or "Unhappy" I don't think romance should end sad. I'll give you that it was a perfect sad ending, but it still sucked royal

hypogryff. It made sense but the point was for Draco to turn his back on the Malfoy name.

BECAUSE they loved each other.

when two people love each other, nothing is supposed to get in the way of that, theres enough unrequited love in the world without requited love being torn

apart too.
1/29/2012 c10 Accio Libros
My heart is broken. I'm a sucker for happy endings.

I loved the story though!
1/28/2012 c10 Petite Love
No no no! I hate this ending! But otherwise it was all really really good. and hot. ;)
1/7/2012 c10 dnt want to sign up
1. you were going good till the end, but i must say : you're a fucking coward. this is fanfiction, which means you can take the characters in any direction - that IS the point of a fanfic- to give the writer freedom to do as he/she wants. so to say tht wanted tobe 'true to the characters' was the lames excuse ever given by a writer here on fanfiction.

2. Draco would never chose money/ inheritance over his love because that is the only thing that he truly craves and wants, according to your first few chapters.

3. i dont think Draco loved her because no one can hurt someone they love and humiliate them in front of every one they know. i know love hurts and is not all roses and rainbows, but shit! that was fucking cruel. him saying that he had to break her heart to make her let him go was another example of you heights of lameness. i mean, do you have issues or something with your love life?

this story was going good but it all became a joke in the name of a tragedy at the end. next time, do your homework for merlin's sake and have a clear picture of the characters and the plot in your mind. better still, write it down somewhere. till then, do not subect us to such torture.

i really didnt want to be so cruel when i started writing the review, but your idea of killing the story like that to have a somewhat explosive ending nullified the goodness of the rest of the story for me.

i suggest you do some damage control, write another ending and remove the present one.
12/20/2011 c10 Anon
This was awful...not like, awfully-written, but it was a dreadful ending because I almost choked holding back tears... Sniffle. Sniffle. Well done.
12/14/2011 c10 Thorn Dream
Oh my... This is amazing... Can't say anything... :')
12/5/2011 c10 ElectricLimeGreen
Thank you for sharing your story! I enjoyed it and actually really like the end. I am glad they had some resolution.
11/21/2011 c10 2cocobyrd87
I was hoping for a happy ending but I think I have to agree with you, this ending does make more sense. Very sad though, I didn't want to see Hermione get her heart broken. Enjoyed this story! Very nicely written :)
10/23/2011 c10 janjan2009
So bitter sweet!
10/23/2011 c3 janjan2009
10/23/2011 c2 janjan2009
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