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for My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate

4/17/2010 c10 9vampirekisses1901



HOW COULD YOU? *cries*

Hermione and Draco! Heartbroken! WRITE A SEQUAL! :D

But seriously, this was an amazing story. And you are a brilliant writer..and you made me cry :(

4/2/2010 c10 nonary
*_* I love this story.

I can't believe that I just stumbled upon it today.

;( The ending made my heart break.. but I suppose it had to happen.

*sniff sniff*

Maybe do a sequel? :D

About after the war or something? :x
3/31/2010 c10 11Silver Scorpion
Wow...that was intense and passionate! Awesome one by the way! I really loved how you highlighted the situation where Mudbloods and Purebloods have very different worlds. That's what made the story so good! The forbidden love behind it! Keep writing!


Silver Scorpion
3/17/2010 c10 5Regin
I Like, I Lust, I Love!

p.s - any chance of there being a sequel?
3/16/2010 c10 4sheddingeverycolor
that was just beautiful.
3/7/2010 c10 QueeneTitania
I like this ending... They have a forbiden love, and remindes me of that stories when they are older and are telling their children about how they once were in love ... But it would still be nice to have a happy ending, of course, maybe they could meet after the war, or something !

(sorry about the bad english)

BYE (:
3/1/2010 c10 lady4feet
Wow I really loved it. Would've been nice to have a happy ending but I agree that this is more in line with the characters.
2/26/2010 c10 4The Smiling Dead
Oh god finally my fingers and hands have stopped tingling. No seriously.. Tingling. Wow! Great story, really sad though..
2/8/2010 c10 52zzzooe
1/30/2010 c10 8Pentastic
Well the ending was sad and I can't say it's the one I was hoping for, but I felt like it fit under the circumstances. I liked that Hermione fought how she was feeling about Draco. I know you said Draco's chapter was hard for you to write, but it was my personal favorite. It would have been nice to see it a little more to show how his views changed. My only issues are first, that I think Harry and Ron are Hermione's best friends, not Ginny and that they would kill Malfoy for it regardless of what anyone said, and second, that I never really understood why Draco kissed Hermione in the first place. Anyway good story. It kept me reading far too late. :)
1/28/2010 c10 3absinthespoon
Yes, you must never force your characters to do something they wouldn't. This ending is beautifully sad. Good job. I think the necklace could have been brought back to be used a symbol, but whatever works.
1/4/2010 c10 mai
WHAT! i stayed up til 2:17 reading this and i don't get a happy ending? just an amazingly realiztic, sad as hell, accurate one? this blows, totally not fair!

still loved the story...right up until i started hating draco and was crushed with apathy and understanding.
12/24/2009 c10 3queen hera
wow, i totally loved this story. i am currently reading another one of yours and i am loving that too. Keep up the good work. x
12/17/2009 c1 16hawaiianflower
Wow, that was really well written. I didn't want the chapter to end at all, and you could feel Hermione's emotions almos. brilliant. well done.
12/7/2009 c10 2Faith Crain
i love this story, i think this is the second time i've read it actually, i love this story, but the ending absolutly sux. its to sad for a romance, though it is one of my favorite stories... :D

~Faith Crain~
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