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for My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate

5/14/2015 c4 vindicatedmalfoy
Why use condom when they can use a contraceptive charm or a potion?
5/9/2015 c10 3midnightdreames3
HOW COULD YOU!? That was cruel
5/6/2015 c10 Billie Jene
Hi! I know that this story was written seven years ago...I read it for two hours and I did not expect that it would end like that. I cried. Honestly. Thank you though. And you write compellingly...lemon or otherwise. :D
Ps. This is the very first review that I made since I entered the fanfic world...and that was seven years ago. XD
4/12/2015 c10 Guest
I fucking hate it! It made me cry! It was written beautifully, you have a way with words. Just next time, don't write like five sex scenes and have them break it off.
3/3/2015 c10 sallymae28
that was such a sad ending :( good story though
2/28/2015 c10 54fanci
Wow! Such a sad ending, but I love it! Unique and true to Draco's character.
2/15/2015 c3 Guest
I love your book please continue. I used to think harry and Hermione woulbe be perfect togther but then i stumbled along dramione and i ship them even more.i love it please continue
11/29/2014 c1 EnchantedVio
A bit of yoda there for ya :)
10/19/2014 c10 1Apollo's1stLove
WHAT? thats it? I think this is the worst ending ever.
8/19/2014 c10 Guest
each time i read the last part i cry.
is there absolutely nooo sequel?!
in a world after the war, everything could have changed right? it's a possibility right? sniff sniff i love this so much
8/19/2014 c10 Dorawc
definitely one of my favourite short-ish fics.
i love the angst, love and pain in between. i like how you made it so it's close to the reality :D
i would love to see a sequel where he meets her after the war or something.. some time later in life.
where he (if u included the war. he was a double agent.. named his price of only asking for that they must keep her safe at all cost. potter was fine with him in a way soon enough with his help, and the others saw what hermione might have did back then in him. i wanna see how he keeps her safe in the dark (she doesn't know he's helping), protecting her secretly, unable to forget about her. her and her kindness that saw through his dark heart, his walls, his insecurities. how she loved him for who he is. a romance that topped all relationship he has experienced)
the locket she threw back at him would be what kept him going.
then after the war, he concentrated in expanding his company. he tried moving on, to other girls. but none were as satisfying, emotional-wise.
every day on that day back then when they parted on hogwarts express, he went back to hogwarts, to the mirror of erised. to see her.
certain nights, he would dream of her and his heart would ache, tears.. that he didnt know he had, slid down his cheeks when he thought of her.
but she was now a war hero, loved by many, chased by lots.
he saw her in magazines where she was smiling up to ron?oliver wood?
he would stand no chance, draco malfoy he was and there were nights he wished he wasn't a malfoy. thoughts he never thought he would think of.
and unbeknownst to him, his mum saw those dead eyes of his in the day. the mask his son wore. forced smiles, unlike that short period of time during his last year of hogwarts (? when he and mione were together). and nights where she was so sure she heard whimpers and sniffs from his room. then she went digging and found her picture lying in the deepest part of his drawer, safely tucked, perfectly kept.
(narcissa loves draco and she did betray the dark side by lying to the dark lord that potter die in exchange for the information that draco is alive, so it's possible she would put her beliefs/sides aside for his son's happiness now that lucius is most likely in azkaban or dead..)
do you see how ur story is making me dream of. i would love to see a sequel of this bittersweet love between them.
dorawc (you can find me on ff, i just couldn't log in for the moment)
8/5/2014 c10 Guest
8/5/2014 c8 Guest're perfect
8/4/2014 c3 Guest
Words cannot begin to express how amazing this is. Thank you.
8/1/2014 c10 loryoki
die! die a long and miserable death
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