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for My Big Fat Ninja Wedding

3/26/2015 c23 51NebStorm
Finally finished it, wow this was amazing! I wonder what will be the sequel, will it be about them raising kids, another ninja out for revenge. People who haven't exactly been friendly to one another finally settling their differences?
3/24/2015 c1 NebStorm
Haha, Tayuya's got attitude! :D Story, so good, so far! :)
1/18/2013 c21 2Fishmail Awesome
You NEED to make a sequel! PLEASE!
7/20/2009 c16 2Psycho-Wolf
This needs spacing desperately before I will even attempt to read it. I feel you would get a lot more readers if you did put the spacing in. I would be happy to read this fic if that ever happens.
12/5/2008 c19 5The Yamato
Poor Kimi, I hope he finds someone. Naruto+ramen on the lap=poor poor Naruto. I LOVE the interactions you always right. Gaara and Sai talking about emotions, GREAT STUFF.
12/2/2008 c18 The Yamato
Yay, an appearance by Kimimaro. I've been wondering what the hell he'd been up to. Loved the humor in this chapter. Ukon going on a rant, ha! Neji being called a girl, gives me a chuckle. For some reason I smiled when Naruto was crying.
12/1/2008 c17 The Yamato
Whew, Itachi is safe again! ^_-
11/28/2008 c15 The Yamato
Wow, I never would have geussed that's why Nomura wanted to turn himself in. Wow, awesome job.
11/24/2008 c14 The Yamato
Oh, the drama. They're so mean to Naruto. ^_^ Poor Itachi, poor Nomura. I weep for thee.
11/20/2008 c11 The Yamato
I wonder what Konoha is gonna do about Itachi and Nomura. Exciting stuff.
11/19/2008 c11 WillowCarol
hey i love the new chaps! your makeing Nomura into a cool chara , and i love how nice zaku is going to the bones to burry them aw and shikamru! my baby! love it , i also like in the last chap how you made zaku and shino kind of see eye to eye for a min
11/19/2008 c10 The Yamato
The suspense!
11/16/2008 c9 WillowCarol
hey love the new chap alot! what you did with shino and zaku was cool , the thing with eiichiro was very cool i wonder are you going to do more with the whole he can touch and feel pain know? lol shikamaru mom and dad are soo funny they are what makes me think shikamaru is going to end up with a really tough girl! ,
11/15/2008 c9 The Yamato
lol, Maki is such a fanboy. I love him. I liked the romance in this chapter, especially the fluff between Shikato and Yoshiro. Grade-A stuff.
11/13/2008 c8 The Yamato
Yay! More humor mixed with romance. Plus more of Nomura! Was he placed in the chest by the other Jashinists? Or by regular monks? I haven't really figured it out.
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