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for An Alternate Promise

7/16/2019 c1 phillynz
Just found this interesting start i hope you come back to it one day
12/7/2008 c1 13stargazerin
That was pretty nice. But it seems more like a sequel to me! A sequel wich for example could become a real story 13 years later! :)
10/23/2008 c1 9Zaya
Short is good. Short, sweet, hard to beat, right? ;D

This was really a really cute ficlet.
10/23/2008 c1 markus777
Sweet, very sweet. I like it.
10/22/2008 c1 9Starling Sinclair
Really cute little blurb, or micro fiction. You're right. It's the perfect length. Great job.
10/22/2008 c1 1sailormoon0630
cool story.
10/22/2008 c1 MoonGoddessMagic
o that was very cute.

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