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for Alive At Last

10/29/2018 c1 32Pharies
This was so well written and a lot of fun. Great job )

9/29/2018 c1 Navisparks
But Yuki's a human right? Won't she grow old and die and then zero would have to live without her? How can they live together for eternity?
10/12/2017 c1 563blackghost
*sob* It's so beautiful *sob

I have read the entire series over and over and over and its just amazing! I love Vampire Knight with all my heart and this is a perfect fanfic of my favorite ship :) I really really love this. You are very talented. I love on how you ended it, I wanted it to continue but I was also content on how it was ended (so mix feelings a bit). Thank you so much!

3/30/2016 c1 2Weazywoo
omg...i think im in love! 3 3 3 OMG! FANGASM!
7/20/2015 c1 KELS B
Loved it! Can't wait until next time, love your writing!
12/25/2014 c1 22edboy4926
Good story
Nice ending to the series
Merry Christmas
8/26/2014 c1 yuiseomugi
Awesome story! Although Vampire Knight has already ended, I still can't get over Zero and Yuki that's why I'm so glad I read your fanfic. Each chapter was beautifully written. ZeKi forever 3
5/24/2014 c1 2SkyeBlue1000
Luved it so much! Almost brought tears to my eyes. Finally Zero n yuki r together like they r supposed to b. AMAYZIN
3/26/2014 c1 2Dr. Fairy Butler
By far the best one ive read yet i screamed when zero asked yuki to marry him I DIED!
3/1/2014 c1 Midnight Self
Aw, it's over. I've read the entire arc over the course of three days, and now this beautiful world has shut its window...I'm definitely rereading this in half a year. Definitely. Good luck with your novel, if it's not already finished.
1/8/2014 c1 3Glistening Teardrop
Absolutely amazing! The way you describe Yuki's and Zero's love is breathtaking. I wish you all the best for your original projects!
12/16/2013 c1 9jaclynkaileigh
Well I can respect the reasoning for your absence but let me just say how much better my days would be if I had more of this awesomeness to look forward to. I will say that thankfully you finished these before your break...thank goodness.
12/8/2013 c1 1maplett
10/12/2013 c1 iceflower333
Wooah! It was stunning! Amazing! And also... the ending sentence was perfect: "And so, that was how I began my first night of forever"! Thank you! ;*
9/1/2013 c1 Roya
This is by far the best Zeki fanfic I've ever read. EVER. You're amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your writing blows me away.
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